Referred for colposcopy following failed ivf cycle

Hi Everyone, 

I had my first ivf cycle recently. The treatment initialy was going well until it was time for my egg transfer. The doctor was unable to do this due to scar tissue on my cervix which was stopping the doctor from being able to do the transfer.  This was quite an ordeal, there was alot of bleeding and I was worried our embryo wouldn't survive. I ended up having the transfer the following day under sedation.  A few days later I started having a heavy bleed which lasted for a very long time. The doctor hada a look at my cervix and advised that if the outcome was negative I would not be able to have any further cycles until I had been refered to Colposcopy.  Unfortunaltey the outcome was negative and I've not been refered to colposcopy.  I have previouslly had a hysteroscopy for heavy bleeding which I was mostly having every day! The results of that were that there was nothing sinister and I was basically told if I wanted to have a family to just get on with it or else have a hysterectomy. 

I'm now terrified that something was missed previously and that I may have cancer. Feel really stressed and barely sleeping, not been given much information at all.  Has anyone else experienced anything like this and can offer some advice? 

Don't want to worry my husband by constantly fretting over this but I am inside.  I will be 40 next year so I'm scared we won't be allowed our other two cycles of ivf if I need treatment for anything else beforehand. 


Thanks xx