referred for colposcopy but never had a smear test....?

im currently too young to have a smear test.

after months of moaning about very irregular periods, bleeding after sex, stomach and back ache etc my dr finally referred me to a gyno. i had my appt monday and abit freaked out by it all .  he gave me an internal and asked if id had a smear before and i replied no. he checked my notes and saw id had all the tests for stds and came back clear. he continued to examine my cervix. he said to the nurse helping "i see prominent blood vessels on the cervix, irregular shaped and bleeds when touched". he then said that he does not need to give me a smear test as he can see theres a problem and has sent me for a colposcopy and biopsy.... from what ive read they dont usually refer for one of those unless youve had 2 abnormal smears? has anyone else experienced this?

ive also been passing tangerine sized clots with irregular bleeding. a pregnancy test was done incase of miscarriage but that was negative...

Hi Leanne , I hope you haven't long to wait for your colposcopy, they don't always wait for 2 abnormal smears before referral, and in your case if they can see an abnormality they will send your for one anyway. There are a number of reasons they do colposcopys, it's just a better way for them to see the cervix. I hope this reassures you x

Hi Leanne


As Megan has said they don't wait for two smears if the abnormality detected suggests it is high grade or if they can see a problem on examination. When is your colposcopy? Best of luck and keep us posted.



Ho smears are for ladies that don’t show any symptoms. Since you’ve had problems the dr is doing the right thing by referring you straight to colposcopy. Try not to worry too much (I know it is easy to say and not to do) the colposcopy just means you will be seen by an expert and should hopefully get some answers and solutions soon x