Referred for Colposcopy... advice please?

Hello, I have been referred for a colposcopy next Thursday after my smear test two weeks ago. I have symptoms of bleeding after sex, bleeding between periods, period pain almost constantly and increase in needing to wee. I have just called my GP to see if I can get results from my smear test and they have said that they do not give anything out it only comes from the hospital. So I don’t really know what I am going to see them about apart from my above symptoms and that I bled quite a bit during the smear test.

I am almost beside myself with worry to be honest and I am looking for some advice on what this could possibly be?

Thanks in advance


Hi Kelly 

its very strange that your dr would not give you the results of your smear. The smear must have picked up something that would justify the next step in the process. At The colposcopy they will put a vinager like solution on your cervix and do an exam using a magnifying lense. If there is high grade cells present they might even do a treatment called a lletz procedure. Can you. An the hospital or the colposcopy clinic and ask the results of the smear as your dr is not telling you. So that you are prepared when you go. 

Good luck, hope that helps a bit. 

Also, don't panic if the smear did show hogh grade abnormal cells as a lletz has a90-95% of resolving the issue. 

Hi I'm sorry to hear your going through this I've tried to put a thread up but it won't let me so I'll put it here as they won't give me the results either xxx Hello everyone firstly I'd like to say how brace you all are and what lovely support you give each other.  I need some advice as I'm absolutely petrified.  I had a miscarriage in May and then fell pregnant again straight away I also lost this baby at 15 weeks I went to labour ward and gave birth had lots of issues after needed up having 3 blood transfusions and a week later they gave me an ercp to remove retained placenta. When I was discharged I was told in 8 weeks I'd get a consultant appointment well o got a phonecall th other week saying they the gyne doc don't want to leave me until November and can I come next week I thought this was about the placenta but when I got there he told me the surgeon that did the ercp sent off samples and they have found my cervix cells to come back abnormal and that's all he said and that he has put a referral through for me to have a colcospacy as urgent.  The bereavement midwife rang me today and I told her and she saw the results on the screen as they haven't been sent through to my gp. She said she doesn't understand them but at the bottom of the letter it states that the doc tor that found the cells uasully uploads the results for the gyne to see on the computer but he actually rang the gyne doc to get me in asap.  My appointment for the colcospacy is next Tuesday so it's nearly been two weeks of worry.  As they haven't told me results and the appointment is quick I'm so scared it's cancer I suffer anxiety and am already feeling crap as my little boys funeral was the other week and I have four. Annie's to look after. I can't find anywhere about anyone having abnormal results after a ercp so Manet it is bad news please give me some advice xxxx