Referred for another colposcopy

I had a smear test in January 2021 which showed HPV but no cell changes. I then had a repeat smear in January 2022 which showed I still had HPV but cell changes this time and referred for a colposcopy. The waiting time was really long with NHS so I went private for it and the biopsy results came back clear. I had another repeat smear in December 2022 which has shown still HPV and cell changes again and I’ve been referred for another colposcopy. I’m now really worried about this. I’ve been at my GP the past few weeks due to feeling tired and having lower back pain, the back pain isn’t new but it’s been getting worse. I found out yesterday my iron levels are low again (my iron and B12 was low in the summer last year and I took tablets for this). I don’t really know why I’m posting this, I’ve been reading things online and getting myself really worried. Could the low iron and back pain be related to this?

Hi @N12

Smears just describe how different our cells look from normal they dont diagnose them but they can have an idea from the smear if cancer was present on the surface, not all “changes” that are picked up on our smears are precancerous alot of the time its just inflammation, this is why the colposcopy is needed to confirm or deny whether the changes are caused by the HPV and whether it is a CIN… as not everybody who had active HPV will experience cell changes, its only a possibility rather than a guarentee

HR HPV and cell changes arnt known to cause blood work issues or symptoms so its probably not the reason why, symptoms only present when its CC and generally its at an advanced stage where it would be completely visible to the naked eye without the need for further investigations and even then symptoms are rare… lower back pain from CC is when a tumour is large enough to be pressing on things, there would also be other symptoms accompanied by it, most commonly bleeding (between periods, spotting and/or extremely heavy periods) the bleeding would be the first symptom you would notice… with blood work there could be anemia with the blood loss experienced… but the HPV and possible cell changes themselves wouldnt be the cause of why your iron is low or the reason for your back pain xx

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Thank you for taking the time to reply to me. Your reply has given me some reassurance x