Referral to Gynaecology please help me

Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I feel so anxious and can barely breathe. I had an abnormal smear back in 2016 and referred to Colp, I was found to have borderline cell changes & was put on yearly smears. All yearly smears were Normal. In 2019 they decided to put me back on 3 yearly. I had my smear just under 2 weeks ago & this morning I received a text with a link to a letter for a referral to gynaecology in 3 weeks time. I haven’t had my smear results as yet, just this referral. I am beside myself with worry. Clearly I have cell changes of some description to be referred but without a smear results letter I have no idea. I have also had constant lower back pain for around 6 months now which I put down to be overweight. I am now convinced I have cervical cancer.

Dear Miller,

So sorry to hear that the NHS has done it again - sent out a message with an appointment without giving you your results. Grrr. No wonder you’re in a panic.

No-one wants cancer. It’s the big fear around cervical testing. The odds are that you have some cell changes again, and that they may be a little more than borderline - so CIN 1, 2 or 3. This is not cancer, but they are obliged to give you a gynae appointment, probably for a colposcopy where they may take a biopsy if they can see anything suspicious. It is most unlikely to be cancer within that time frame. Also the lower back pain is not in itself an indication of cancer and most women who have cervical cancer (I had Stage 3) do not have any back pain. Back pain alone is highly likely to be postural, which can be weight related.

Try not to panic, that’s the first thing. It is highly unlikely that there is any need to panic! If there is a phone number on the referral letter call them and ask for your results, Call your GP (if you can) and ask if they have your results on the system - the post is very erratic at the moment and most ladies get their results by post. We’re all thinking of you. Determine to enjoy your weekend. Whatever it is, it will have been caught early and it will be treated. X

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Thanks so much for your reply. As you say, what a disaster with the results going to try my absolute best to get something today but so far all I am hearing is “call back Monday” just need to know what I am dealing with really. How did your diagnosis come about? How are you?