Referral from GP to GYN - ultrasound ordered next day?

Smidge of history- had hysterectomy two 1/2 years ago due to heavy/painful periods and cysts on ovaries. I kept one ovary and my cervix. I have three kids, 37 YO

Few months after the hysterectomy I began noticing a bit of blood after sex and pain during it. It happened several times. I called GYN she said that it’s normal because of hormones or something. I said ok!

so I’ve been brushing it off- as well as other symptoms- I wasn’t even aware had to do with each other - such as the days of pain that seemed like period cramps. I was so confused because I didn’t have a uterus - how could I have “period cramps”. Then the cramping and back pain came together. Then I would randomly spot new and old blood. Tissue... etc. 

i avoided sex. It hurt then. It hurt after. It hurt to wear pants for days afterwards. My husband naturally was frustrated. I didn’t want another surgery.  I assumed it was adhesions or endometriosis, or something stupid and I was just going to spend money on nothing. 

I had NO idea these were symptoms. I began sleeping with an electric blanket on my back- getting left side leg pain that just felt like a dull ache (like when you have the flu) and now bleeding during BM. 

I didn’t even tell my GP about this- my sister works in my GP’s office and told her a few of my issues- they referred me to my GYN (for insurance coverage) 2 days ago . The GYN called yesterday and had ordered a transvaginal for today. 

I was reading a little bit online because I was confused why I’m having one. I don’t see anyone else being sent for one? 

Please tell me there are other causes of this stuff!! I just assumed she’d do a pap first and see if there was any reason to worry. I’m freaking out just a little. 


I didn't want to just read and run. I am sorry to hear you're having all these symptoms.
It's scary isn't it? You know something is wrong but you don't know what it is. It's always the worst.

The good thing is you're being checked out now so i'm sure you will find out soon enough. I'm not sure why they went straight for the scan route. Maybe they wanted to take a look first before they take a smear and any biopsies.

Let us know how you get on. I hope they can get to the bottom of whatever it is. It might be something easily teatable.