Referral for colposcopy following pelvic exam

Hi just wondered if anyone has had similar experiences of being referred for coloscopy following a pelvic exam  and if so what the outcome was. 

I visted Drs on Monday after suffering abnormal bleeding after sex and bm's. I have been suffering with abnormal bleeding for a while which I put down to the implant which I had. I decided to have this removed after bleeding for 3 weeks continously and feeling exhausted.  I went back on the pill hoping it would cure all my problems but although the spotting calmed down I noticed that now I only bled after sex and after bm's. After 4 months of ignoring it and putting it down to hormones I decided to get checked. 

The Dr said that she had never heard of vaginal bleeding after bm and suggested it was probably piles however she did a pelvic exam anyway. Afterwards she said there was nothing to worry about but my cervix looked red and she suspected I had an erosion which was really common but to be on the safe side she would refer me for a colposcopy. She told me I would get a letter in about 3 weeks with appt date. So I was a bit shocked to get a letter with an urgent referral which stated to ring up if I hadn't received appt by 30th which was 4 days after my exam.

Is this normal for appts to come through so soon, and does anyone have any experiences of Dr's suspecting cervical erosion. I've read that erosions and cc are indistinguishable on pelvic exams so I'm a bit worried.  Especially as I've been feeling very ill lately, tired and achey with back pain. I'm hoping this is unrelated though and maybe a lingering virus but it's hard not to worry sometimes.


took me a while to figure out Bms! I would be surprised if your doctor had told you probably erosion whilst actually suspecting cc. I really hope that wouldn't happen. She has probably referred it urgently to avoid you getting,stuck in a big wait, as she knows it is worrying you.

All your symptoms could also be something else. I have cc, and after diagnosis decided that my back ache was clearly a symptom of the cancer. However as time has gone on I am back to thinking it's because of my mattress and my too-large-but -still-want-to -be-picked-up children!!!

take care, Molly xx

Thanks Molly,  I went for my colposcopy today. Gyno said the bleeding was probaby down to a large ectropian but he took a biopsy of a small white area. He was quite re-assuring and said it's probably nothing serious so feel much better mentally although bit crampy after the biopsy. Will get my results in 2 weeks x x

Vc86, just wondering how you got on?  Have you received the results?