referral for a colposcopy

Hi everyone

I’m looking for a bit of advice I am 21 but I have been experience bleeding in between periods, after sex and pain after sex and I also get awful pain in my lower back, hips and tops of my legs. I have been tested for infections and a lot of other things which has all come back absolutley normal so I have now been referred for an urgent colposcopy. I’m just so worried as I feel like this has been going on for a while now and getting gradually worse but because of my age it has been a very slow process to get referred. Has anybody else been in the same situation who may be able to tell me how it went for I’m just so worried.

Thanks x

hi I've just had my first smear done after being referred due to pretty much what you explained lots of bleeding and pains . well I had my results today abnormal cells and high grade dyskarosis next step is coloscopy . No advice for you but just letting you know you aren't alone I'm terrified myself being only 24. But just think at least now we can get to the route of the problem xx good luck xx 

It is really hard not to worry but like you said at least we are getting the bottom of the problem. I hope it all goes well for yourself and thank you for taking the time to reply xx


Your situation sounds completely identical to mine. I was 21 when I saw my GP about abnormal bleeding just over a year ago and like you I was terrified. I am currently awaiting new biopsy results as the wait and watch approach was how my specialist decided to proceed.

I hope everything goes well and people are here if you need :)

Thank you franchise,  I hope you are well. When you had your first colposcopy was anything found and did they do anything there and then.


I'm just really worried as things just don't seem right but because of my age things are taking for ever to be done. I have an appointment for 3rd of march for a colposcopy but the doctor wants to bring it forward but they said this last Thursday and things still arnt happening is there any way I can get a sooner appointment myself by ringing the hospital. 




What you have written is almost exact same situation as mine! Im only 24 so too young for a smear but weng to gp for alot of the same symptoms as yourself and he seen a growth on my cervix tested for infections etc and its all clear, put in a urgent referral for a colposcopy! 

How hard is it not to keep thinking about it? Its all seem to do i so wish i could just switch off, im taking co-codomal for the constant pelvic/kidney pain but its not touching it. I know exactly how you are feeling though, Just want to get to the bottom of it all. 

Hope you get some results soon! Xxx