Referral for a Colposcopy appointment

Got my letter for my colposcopy (it felt like forever waiting for it, turned up today!!) To cut a long story short I’ve had bleeding in between periods (some heavy for days like a period, then only spotting, back to heavy), I’ve had discharge which had streaks of blood, horrible, constant pains in my stomach and back and feeling tired all the time. I ended up being taken to hospital and eventually after a second visit (first they couldn’t see my cervix because of the amount of blood inside me) the gynaecologist was able to see that my cervix was enlarged and everytime he touched it blood poured out. There was also an issue with my uterus wall, he said he strongly suspects one of two cancers; cervical or Endometrial cancer.

Now I have my appointment I’m feeling quite nervous about having it done. I’ve gone online and researched a colposcopy but was wondering do you feel anything? I’m not great with pain and after the last examination just touching the cervix was painful.

So sorry to hear this Rachie. Have you had an ultrasound yet? I agree with you entirely about the pain. I know they anaesthetise you if they want to do anything to the cervix. Please tell the colposcopist as soon as you get in that there is a lot of bleeding and you are very, very sore so will have trouble keeping still if they hurt you! I do hope there is another explanation than cancer, and that whatever it is you will be treated quickly and with kindness. X

Thank you for your reply, that’s good to know about the anaesthetise because they will need to do something to the cervix. I was concerned about the pain but that will certainly make it more bearable.