Referral before smear test results

Hi don't know if I'm just over reacting. 

I went for smear yesterday and the doctor said he wanted to put a referral in to hospital before I get my results. I have bleeding after sex, random bleeds, pelvic pain, discharge, pain during and after intercourse and discharge. 

The doctor said my cervix was bleeding yesterday while doing smear and was red and inflamed and could see discharge has well. 

I had a Sti check last year and it was all clear. I'm really panicking myself and so scared. 

Hiya, I completely understand you reaction cos I would have been the same. The doctor is referring you for a colposcopy, it's where they take a closer look at your cervix. He might be doing to be on the safe side cos if your symptoms but try not to worry cos it might turn out to be nothing much to worry about. If it does turn out to be something not quite right they can take the necessary action. You are in safe hands so just wait for the referral to come through and in the meantime write down any questions that you may have 

Thank you. I know I keep trying to stay calm but it's so scary and not know what's happening is the worse part 

No worries. If it makes you feel more at ease take a female family member or a close friend with you to the appointment. Good luck!