Referral after 2 years spotting, abnormalities on cervix

Okay so this is my first post and first visit to this site, but last week’s doctors appointment has left me terrified.
I will go into detail in a min but basically I have been spotting almost constantly for over two years, and been referred for colposcopy after my GP saw abnormalities on my cervix when trying to take a smear test sample. I am really worried as she went from happy to like she was at a funeral after looking and said it could be cancer. I am trying to tell myself it won’t be, but my mind is stuck on the fact it’s been over 2 years of symptoms and the way she changed and said what ever is happening is going to be rare to cause these abnormalities doesn’t help either.

So time for long story…about two years ago I went to my old Gp after spotting every day for several months. I tried coming off my contraceptive pill, not having the week off between packs and just waiting for it to stop, when it didn’t I saw my Gp who basically said I just needed to try a different contraceptive pill, this was changed several times and it never stopped. They also tested for STD’s and pregnancy (all clear). When this didn’t help they basically shrugged, so i worked through all the other GP’s at that surgery and the only one without an “oh well” attitude was very concerned and again mentioned possible cancer so said she was going to refer me, but she was leaving later that week so it never happened and the other doctors didn’t seem to share the opinion I needed the referrals. So basically I gave up trying after 6 months of getting nowhere and symptoms not improving.
I have since moved to a new town and finally plucked up the courage last month to try again at my new surgery. The first person I saw was a young man covering for my new Gp who was away, but he admitted he didn’t know much so did a chlamydia test, changed my pill, but he did suggest booking for a smear test. He explained I was a year too young technically but it should be okay with notes on system.
Three weeks ago I went in to the nurses office in the morn, but she was unable to take a sample due to being unable to see my cervix through blood. This was strange to me as thought it was a better day having woken with no blood on loo roll first thing. She then asked more about my symptoms and made a double appointment for my Gp for when she returned to discuss the problem more and to make a second attempt at smear.
So that takes us up to last week when my GP had me leave the office very nervous. She first explained my cervix was at a funny angle, and then when she got a clear view her whole demeanor changed. After explaining that there was something wrong she also said she wasn’t going to take a smear sample due to the cervix being irritated and inflamed, but that i needed a colposcopy referral asap.
Thankfully she was far more concerned than my old surgeries staff and so glad I have someone now listening, but the way she dealt with it has scared me before anything is known for certain.
It is so much more terrifying if this is the cause with over 2 years of symptoms and the possibility of more time before symptoms started making me so worried it will be very bad if this is the problem.

I would usually be able to brush these things off knowing the tiny chance, but the fact she said anything causing these symptoms and abnormalities is going to be rare, and just the fact I can find no information on other people with this daily spotting for so long whilst on the pill, no STD’S or infections or pregnancy or information on other illnesses to cause it.
I’m probably over reacting but I am terrified and just wish this was done much sooner. The way she acted explaining this has sent me to panic mode as find it hard to believe her mood would change that dramatically if it was a a very tiny chance.

So basically any advice would be so greatly appreciated. I’m 24, disabled and spend so much time alone that it is difficult to put aside until there is an answer x

Aww you poor thing. Firstly, well done for being so brave!

For my first smear the nurse went and got the doctor because something didn't look right. I totally panicked. It turned out I just had a particularly low cervix. I can only imagine the worry you must be going through. Do you have appointments for a Colposcopy? Surely if she was that concerned you should be seen very soon? maybe it's worth chasing up the appointment?

best of luck with everything xxxx 

Hey thanks for reply! Got in touch on Wednesday and was filled in and have an appointment first thing Monday morning for colposcopy.  Granted didn't feel great when I got put straight on to my GPs secretary on just my name without telling reception why I was calling (usually pretty good at not worrying but seems like the way they are treating me is like it's urgent, so really trying to remind myself it's likely them making up for my last surgeries negligence over this).

Just hoping I have a clearer view of what's going on by Monday afternoon. I doubt I'll have a definitive answer one way or another but frantically Googling for anything else that would be visibly wrong and causing this constant bleeding, and assuming a non Hpv infection was ruled out as she did swab for that instead of smear but did say it was highly unlikely to be this consistent for so long. So there goes my hope it was something like that! 

It's hard when I know it's unlikely, but I can't find much information on other possibilities that fit the symptoms and abnormalities 

Just really hope I don't end up too worked up over the next 24hours as got hours drive there and back, at least coming back I will hopefully know more one way or the other so I can stop think what if and start thinking what's next, which ever way it goes, even if it's just a slightly better guess to cling to until any extra tests and scans are done if needed!


Well that appointment was a waste of time 50miles driving to go into a room with a table and a lamp for the male gyno to just do a smear :@ 

Basically did the same thing as my Gp did last week but did smear ignoring the irritated inflamed area. Both letters I had said I was there for a colposcopy, my Gp and her secretary both said that was why I was going all that way first thing in the morning and was basically told I should try a new pill (ignoring me when I said I'd been on all of them combined and just one hormone),  and then basically said no point being on pill if it's not being used as contraception!  Clearly this old man doesn't understand it's this bleeding stopping me from finding any potential partners as most men loose interest when you either tell them straight or avoid the whole sex thing, especially when you want to but don't want that embarrassment!  

Got my surgeries receptionist to pass on my concerns to my Gp or her secretary, as not happy I was in a room with a deck, bed and a lamp so no signs a colposcopy was going to be done at all and just fuming and miserable that my worry was right. He even said there was something not right so very upset that I was given a wasted journey and didn't have any sleep worrying about it all night. Honestly I think it's worse than getting bad news being told something is wrong and then being sent for something to investigate for it to go this tits up :(

After my first attempt to sort it 2 years ago flopping I am just stunned that it is happening again. Just wish I could afford private so they have money incentive to do their jobs right :/