Ref for colposcopy - again!

Hi everyone,


I was on this forum a fair bit 5 years ago or so when I had a LLETZ under GA for an extensive area of CIN. I found it so helpful and supportive. I had the Gardisil shots (erring on the side of caution) and had clear colps and then smears since.


Fast forward to today and I'm sitting here reading a letter saying high risk HPV has been found on my most recent smear. I also found out today that my second go at IVF hasn't worked out. I am devastated.


Has anyone else had treatment, been clear, only for problems to come back later?


J xxx

I’ve only been in a mildly similar situation to you. 14 yrs ago they found some borderline abnormalities & after just a small punch biopsy (no treatment) everything went back to normal. All normal smears followed until last year when a borderline smear led to a colpo, results of which were cin3 & cgin3. I’m just about to have a colpo under GA. I was tols by my gp that the hpv virus is still relatively knew to medical professionals but it can lie dormant for years before causing a few problems. Perhaps this is what’s happened here though you say you’ve had Gardisil. Is this supposed to cure the hpv? I’m afraid i’m not familiar with these shots. I hope others might be able to help more & I’m so sorry that you’re also having to deal with the emotions of failed ivf. My heart goes out to you J. X

Hi Catherine,


Thanks for getting back to me. I'm sorry you're having to go through this again as well. When I was treated last time I had borderline smears - but had it pretty bad at colp. After treatment all my smears were clear - even this one, but knowing I've got high risk hpv has really put the wind up me! When I first had treatment I wasn't settled so got the vaccine just in case I was exposed to any other virus types in the future - medical advice said it wouldnt do any harm and might do some good. Some other studies show that it helps clear hpv infection by the types in the vaccine if its given after teatment.


Well, great lot of good that's been for me!! My current infection is either new, and I got it 3 and a half years ago from my husband, or, and this freaks me out, the same infection as I had 6 years ago! Not sure how long I'll have to wait for my colpocopy.. really hope its not long and I'm really hoping I don't need any more treatment as I have two frozen embryos waiting for me.


Really hope your colp goes OK. I had my treatment under GA - its the best way I think - much less stressful! xxx