Reducing chances of CIN3 becoming cancer

Hi am 28 years old and, after a colposcopy showing high grade abnormalities, I have had loop diathermy. I have got the results back (July 2017) and have CIN1, CIN2 and CIN 3 and have been given a follow up appointment in December. I am wondering (i) whether I should come off the pill to reduce the chances of cancer and (ii) whether there is any point in requesting an appointment sooner than December to check whether the diathermy was successful? (I have private healthcare cover through work but have been happy with the NHS so far.)

I just want to make sure I am doing all I can to reduce the chances of the CIN3 progressing into cancer. Grateful for any guidance.



I had CIN3 and 6 months later at the follow up smear my cells looked normal so they got them all but are having me in for a colposcopy again as still have HPV present 

hope this helps