Red patch noticed during smear - Children mentioned

Hi ladies my names kelly I'm 38, I really need some advice please. 8 years ago I had cIN 3 and was sent straight for lletz which was successful. Had yearly smears since but had 5 pregnancies only 2 successful in between (last baby march 13) just had second smear since and nurse seen sore red patch on cervix and I have had a few random bleeds in last 5 or so months (only in wiping). Nurse did swab no infection so the doctor has referred me straight to Gyne, awaiting appointment now.  Since then I have had lower stomach cramps so severe I vomited twice and also what feels like ovulation pain on one side.  most stories I have read seem to start with heavy bleeds but I've only had little ones.  I know I have to wait and see but with two young one's it's  worrying me sick.  Has anyone had this and everything turned out normal ? Thanks in adcance kelly x

Hi Kelly. I'm 34 and have just been to hospital today with what turned out to be my second cervical erosion. Small amount of bleeding after intercourse and the GP said she could see an erosion on my cervix, I also bled on examination and GP said it looks a bit infected (negative swab results). I was going to reply earlier today, but wanted to make sure my second hospital trip wasn't anything more sinister before replying. Hope you get seen soon 

Thank you for your reply, glad it turned out ok for you, fingers crossed mine will be the same.  i just had my appointment today for 8 weeks time but my husband doesn't want me to wait that long and we are paying to see a specialist tomorrow,  tink we just want it off of our minds!  Is this something the doctor can tell from an examination or is there any tests involved.  Thanks again for responding x

That's great that you can be seen tomorrow the uncertainty is just the worst feeling. I had a colposcopy where they put a liquid on your cervix which shows up any abnormal cells so was told straight away that it was ok. I have had normal smear tests in the past so no biopsy taken. I chose to have the erosion treated today with cryosurgery (the freezing) but this was optional, I just wasnt happy to put up with the bleeding. They showed me my cervix on a screen - I was asked first if I wanted to watch. Good luck for tomorrow. Hope that everything turns out ok for you too x

How did you get on today Kellypip? X

Hi,Hope you don't mind me jumping on here, I'm Nicky and 38,but I was just about to ask exactly the same question and am also new to the forum.

I have had letz done, although was 14 years ago and have had 4 children since with every smear being clear. Except my last one in March, this came back as inadequate as I bled a LOT. They then needed to wait 3 months, in between I have been bleeding, mainly during and after sex, last smear was done on weds then nurse wanted me to see a doc, infection swob came back clear. Doc has looked at my cervix and also referred me onto Gyny saying I have a raw patch. Just wondering MRsKB if you had any bloating or pain with yours before you had your freezing done. I'm getting very nervous as Bleeding again today, 15 days into my cycle(not lots but on a pad), have bad cramps and tummy is very bloated...... Did you have any of these symptoms?Hope you don't mind me asking?Hope your appt went ok Kelliypip, would you recommend going private-Seriously considering it! Any advice would be gratefully received...


Hi Nicky. I had a few cramps with every bleed a bit like period pains. I do get bloated on and off anyway and this is mainly diet related, but not constantly bloated. I was also experiencing some bleeding after bowel movements which I didn't get with my first erosion. I got fast tracked referred the second time which really made me panic but on the plus side didnt have a long wait. If you can afford to pay to go private then you will cut down the worry and the wait. At least you will get some indication on if it needs further investigation or fingers crossed an all clear from a colposcopy. Kerry x

Thanks for your reply Kerry. My bloating is not diet related, I'm just waiting for some one to ask if I'm prg again,lol. My tummy is really bloated and swollen. I've got private health care with my husbands job so we are going to go down that route......

Thanks again for your advice and reply.xx