Red lump on cervix?


Just a quick history, 2011, abnormal pap (ascus) and positive for hpv. Colposcopy shortly after with biopsy, hsil removed with LEEP. Last pap 12 Months ago was normal.


For the past 5 months I've had consistent pelvic pain and spotting of old blood nearly everyday. Went for a pap two days ago in which my Dr said I had a red lump on my cervix, and she's never seen it before (neither on my cervix, or in general) I inquired perhaps a polyp or cyst? She said no, and not near where I had the LEEP either. Too odd! 

I'm going back in a week for another colpo and ultrasound, but my Google skills are failing :) 

Has anyone had experience with a red lump that was not a polyp, cyst or fibroid?