Recurring CIN3 what next?

Hi first time posting, looking for advice, help, anything.
Late with my routine smear (feeling very stupid now) not by afew months either.
I started having pains in my lower tummy, back pain and bleeding after intercourse and periods was very heavy and all over the place. Had a smear, results come back as HPV positive & high grade (severe) dyskaryosis. Referred to oncology- colposcopy done and wanted to do LLETZ there an then as she could see high grade cells. So went ahead with it and got LLETZ treatment. She sent 7 biopsies. I bleed bit more than she liked so had to stay for a while longer, then I was sent home. I was an awful mess anxiety wise but all the ladies that day was absolutely amazing. I received a phone call from the lady who did LLETZ she said the biopsy results come back as CIN 1, 2 & 3. No cancer but the margins wasn’t clear but as she done diathermy she said it would have killed anything left behind and I had nothing to worry about. Went for 6 month smear check and got the results back HPV positive & high-grade (severe) dyskaryosis. I’ve just received my letter to go back to oncology on the 11th march. So far away and I can’t stop worrying. What will happen next, I need to prepare myself for what there going to say what will be next. It was such a shock last time being told I had to have LLETZ straight away. I wasn’t expecting this as she said diathermy would of killed anything left.


Sorry to hear this Bee
Please don’t feel stupid about your late smear. It’s quite likely that the delay wouldn’t have made a difference - how delayed were you if you don’t mind me asking? Cells can be slow to grow so even if you had gone on time you still might have had a mix of high and low grade cell changes

I can’t say what will happen on the 11th, maybe some other ladies will come in to help. However please come back and let us know!

There is some evidence that the LLETZ itself can kick start the immune system so they may want to just monitor you closely for the next 6 months and see if the cell changes regress. You could have a look at supplements to help support your immune system? Age may be a factor in how they manage you. How old are you if you don’t mind sharing?

Best :heart:

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Hi @cloverradio Thanks for replying, I’m currently 39, 40 in June. I’m so confused and scared. I don’t want to go on the 11th and fall apart at what they tell me. I feel if I know now then I can have my melt down and be ready for whatever they say or want to do. Having Lletz last time was such a shock to be having it done there a then. The ladies was amazing but I really don’t want to go through it again. The rollercoaster of anxiety is very overwhelming. I remember havin a smear around just after having my 2nd son who’s 12 years old now.


With being 40 soon they will probably try to keep a close eye on you

If you’re worried about having a meltdown/panic at the appt could you get a one off prescription for a medication to help - like a beta blocker or a benzodiazepine?

No one can force you to have a LLETZ if you don’t want to right now. Not all high grade cell changes change to cancer, they remove them routinely because they potentially can

I wouldn’t beat yourself up about the big smear gap, it happens to lots of women x


Thank you that means a lot, I think it’s all about the unknown at the moment x

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Keep us all posted, you can vent here xx

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