Recurring abnormal cells

Hi everyone,

I've just had a follow-up Pap smear with my dr after a LLETZ procedure 4 months ago for CIN2. 

From what she can see, she thinks that the abnormal cells have returned and that it's possibly CIN1 or 2. She did abother colposcopy and biopsy and I will now have to wait a week or so for the results. 

I'm just wondering if anyone else had the abnormal cells return so soon after a LOOP/LLETZ procedure, and what the outcome was? 

I'm incredibly anxious about this! 


YEP, I had 1a1 cancer last July, When I had my follow up smear in Feb it came back as abnormal. Had a Colposcopy and biopsy and whilst the doctor was 'down there' he said he couldnt see anything...... it al came back clear!

Thanks for replying! 

My OB/gynae said she could see some changes, and hence did the colposcopy instead of just the regular follow-up Pap smear. 

I always seem to be the minority in these things. I was kinda hoping I'd just follow the norm for once and have a normal follow-up. Alas, not this time. 

Congrats on your all clear - hopefully I can follow suit soon!



Hi MissPx

I think it happens more than we all think. I am second time unlucky, going in for my second LLETZ under GA in October. I had really hoped it was all over :-( but I know of quite a few who have had repeated abnormalities, either because they were missed last time or unfortunately grew back due to the pesky HPV. On the plus side we are being closely monitored x

Hello, I have had the same. LLETZ in February and then my smear 6 months later showed high grade dyskaryosis again. Had another LLETZ 2 and a half weeks ago and waiting for biopsy results. It's hard not to feel fed up and the weeks of bleeding afterwards gets me down but I agree we are at least being kept a close eye on so we are fortunate really even though it doesn't seem like it sometimes!

Hi Sue85! 

Sorry to hear you're going through the same thing. Did they say how long you had to wait for your results? 

is the high grade diskaryosis that same as CIN3? I'm still getting used to all this terminology. 

I had my Pap smear and colposcopy done on the same day so I'm hoping to get some results back by next week. 

I'm petrified that mine is going to be more severe this time (it was CIN2 4 months ago) but in the back of my mind I keep trying to reassure myself that they got it all last time (with clear boundaries) and that most likely the HPV virus is still active and is causing it to flare up again. 

Did the doctors give you any ideas as to how/why it's come back so soon?

All the beat for your results - keep me posted x

Hi Suzysooz - I'm sorry to hear you're going through this again too! 

My goodness, as if the initial stress wasn't enough?!?! Did your doctor have any insight as to why it comes back so quickly in some people? My OB/gyn was shocked that there were signs of it returning so soon. 

As you said - I'm very comforted knowing that we are being so closely monitored now, but I'm petrified they missed something and the results are going to come back worse than the last round. 

Mill hopefully find out by Thursday this week - I'm a nervous wreck. 

Good luck for your follow-up LLETZ in October. 


I too have had abnormal smear 6 months after LLETZ treatment. My smear was done in sept and was sore! I have to attend colposcopy clinic 20 th October and am dreading the pain. If  need another LLETZ I think I would prefer general anaesthetic Inthink. Did you ask for this?

Hi Diane,

Believe it or not I would probably have preferred to just have it done under local again, it would have been all over by now. I have never had a GA and am a bit scared of having one. They said that my cervix is quite thin after having a large area removed last time so they preferred to do it under GA. Dreading it but cannot wait to have it over and done with all the same! They said mine looks like residual abnormalities as it is outside of the treated area (i.e missed last time) but was a small area. They did biopsies first to be sure treatment would be necessary. So fed up with it all now and the impact I have let it all take on my life! My LLETZ is booked for the 19th X


Yes I feel exactly the same, worrying that they missed something. I have started to have weird bleeding the past week, which I have never had before. Not sure if it is to do with previous treatment/age/recent biopsies but very unsettling. The high grade smear I had was coming up to a year ago now (Nov) and it is really scary thinking that if they missed a bit that it has been silently growing all along. Trying to console myself that everyone but the cat has had a peek or a piece of up there in the last months, and nobody seems remotely worried or rushed to get it done. If there was anything to really worry about I am sure they would have called me back in before (She says hiding behind hands) 

Good luck for your results x

I know what you mean. I have just cancelled my holiday so I can attend colposcopy clinic. Last time I was told there was no cancer, only cin3 and I think this time there is still hpv virus. I am past menopause and found the colposcopy and then the injections for local anaesthetic excruciatingly painful. Maybe I could cope with a large Valium if I need more treatment. Good luck with your op

sorry girls - I forgot to come back on and update with my results. 

After all that stress and worry, both my biopsy and pap came back clear so I'll have another smear in 6 months then hopefully back to yearly.

i hope everyone else is going ok