Recurrent hpv and abnormal smears

I have now had 7 abnormal smears (cin3 + lletz, cin 2 + lletz, cin 3 + lletz, cin 1, cin2, cin 2 + biopsy, cin1 & 2 + biopsy)

Normally i would have had a hysterectomy by now but due to an autoimmune disease and immunosuppressive drugs my body cannot clear the hpv (p16 +) and it just keeps attacking, the worry is if they take it away the cell changes would move to the vaginal wall which is much harder to treat plus i am at extremely high risk of getting a serious infection. Basically they have said im damned if i do and damned if i dont. Last meeting, the agreement was to watch and wait until it progresses and there is no choice but to go ahead with the operation. I am awaiting the end of month meeting outcome (smear - severe dyskayrosis and biopsy cin 1 & 2)
Has anyone else been in this situation? What was the outcome or choices.
Did anyone have the op and it did spread to the vaginal wall? What treatment do they offer for this?
I want to take a list of questions with me to my meeting.


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Hi Stacey,

I am in a similar position - recurrent abnormal smears (always borderline but lost count how many) until 2020 when it was CIN 1 and then 2021 when it was CIN 2. After the CIN 2 result my colposcopy couldn’t find where the changes were and the biopsies were normal. They decided to do cold coagulation but you don’t get the results of that so I’m waiting to see what the next smear in October reveals. My issue I suspect is that I take azathioprine for Crohn’s and so cannot clear the virus. I also worry about the future, about possibly needing a hysterectomy and then will the virus move to the wall. I don’t have any answers but I have heard that is rare. I follow news of therapeutic vaccines (these treat existing infections) and hope these will be available to us in the next few years (currently in trials).