REcurrent Colcocopy and LETZ



I have suffered from abnormal smears for the last 6 years or so. I have also had 3 or 4 LETZ Biopsies. Every time the Biopsy is done, the result comes back as clear. Yesterday I had another biopsy taken. The consultant again said " I can't see anything abnormal about your cervix but we will do the biopsy. My only conern would be if it comes back as clear again. What would be causing your smears to show moderate to high grade changes". I have the HPV Virus but I don;t know which strain. I am praying it comes back clear but at the same time I am worried about what is causing my cell changes to show up on smear tests, negating the need for my colcoscopy visits and Biopsies. Has anyone else suiffered from recurrent cells changes and ongoing biopsies which turn out to be clear? This has started to really worry me and I am wondering is there something else that they are missing.



Hi MMac,


I'm going throgh more or less the same thing, but as lost as you are! Also wondering if they are missing something. I fear something worse could be going on 'further up'. 


Last time, less than a month ago, my smear came as grade 2, they can't see anything on colposcopy and biopsy results say somehting like because of this missing and this fragmented, we can't determine grade of damage. Btw, doctor said 'they can't see damage', which it's not what the paper really said. Do you have the biopsy results in paper?

In my case, they've asked me to come back in 5 months to leave more time to see what happens. I'm very anxious about this wait.


Sorry I can't help, but only support.





I've not had the result yet. I didn't bleed after but that is normal as I never have bled,however over the last 4 days I have noticed a smelly discharge and today noticed blood in my urine aswell as a painful tummy. I have another app at Dr's tomorrow to investigate. I know that worry. You think why is  smear saying something is wrong yet multiple biopsys saying nothing is wrong. I am going to insist that they check my smear test again but by someone different. I don;t really understand what they look for and how they determine the grading but think I am going to push to understand this a lot better. Like you say, what if they are missing something.....


Just to let you know my results came back and they had found CIN1 but are sure they have removed all the cells. I am relieved but at the same time confused. Smear showed medium to high grade changes. Whislt at the colposcopy the consultant couldn't see anything abnormal about my cervix but did quite a large biopsy. Result come back with CIN 1 and all cells removed. I am very grateful that this is the result but obv worried about my historic experience. Additionally I went to the Dr's last week about the discharge and painful tummy. tests were taken and results back today which showed I have a vaginal infection. Was this infection caused by the visit to the consultant or was it there when I had my smear in which case, would it have contributed to the cell changes observed in the smear test? I guess I'll have to call and ask them to investigate a bit more.