Recurrent cin

Hi girls, so my story is… went for my first smear in 2014, had cin3 (severe abnormal cells) on my cervix. Had loop treatment. 6 months later normal smear but hpv positive. Went to colposcopy and had a punch biopsy, it showed cin2 so had to come back for another loop. Just had my 6 month smear and very anxiously waiting for results. Throw into the mix we’ve been ttc almost 2 years.

Long shot, but anyone else gone through this? I got told the hpv cells would have been removed and it should only be 5% chance of the cells coming back but they said that last time :frowning: xx

Feeling a little alone over here...



I'm in a simuliar situation. Had CIN3 treated by Lletz Nov 14, 6 month follow up, CIN3 again, treated by Lletz again (both with clear margins) I've just been for my next 6 month follow up and I've hand an endocervical canal biopsy, so I'm waiting for results. Nervous doesn't cut it!! So I know how you're feeling xx

Oh my goodness what is an endocervical canal biopsy?!? Lol. I'm waiting on my results still. A week tomorrow so still ages to wait. Going mad :( good luck and thank you so much for replying xxx

Hi Tessieboo,

I have had 2 LLETZ in 8 months and due a smear in May, so a little behind you, but already thinking about it! I know a couple of people who have had 2 rounds of LLETZ and come out clear for good (both were over 10 years ago). That to me is a 100% success rate, which I am clinging to! I have everything crossed for you for next week and for your future plans x x

Thank you so much Suze! That has helped me relax so much. I do have a good feeling about this time :) just want it confirmed in writing. Only been a week and dying for this letter so I can crack open the celebratory wine!! 


Much love and good luck to you. Keep me updated xx



From my 'investigations' it's where they beleive that there might be 'issues' higher up, beyond your cervix. It's the rarer of the two possible cervical cancers. I'm just concerened as I've had bleeding after sex for a long time now, abdominal discomfort, sharp pains in my groin! But then I'm a complete hypochondriac lol So who knows. I can't stand waiting for the results though, then I think why wasn't just a 'normal' smear done this time? Why have they gone straight for the endocerical biopsy. Grrrr stupid brain won't stop ticking............


Fingers crossed for you chick xx

Oh bless you Yazz. Bleeding after sex can be quite a concern so you're not being a hypochondriac at all. How long have you got to wait for results? I get dull aches down there and pain during sex but I'm not worried. Still don't get why I get aches and shooting pains though. Maybe just a weird random thing! 


Speak soon, thank you x x

Any updates? I am going mad waiting for this letter, and it's only been 9 days lol. What do other people do to distract themselves? Xx

Did you hear back yet? I just had my biopsy today. You have to wait on a letter? I am calling back this Friday for my results (hoping they are in by then, she said within a week).