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Hi all, I'm new here and hoping someone may have gone through a similar situation.  I was Diagnosed with 1b1 in sept 2012 and had a radical trachelectomy in oct 2012. Smears been clear since then, but after some bowel problems was referred to consultant and after mri and ct scan they found the cancer has returned in my vaginal rectal septum (bit in between! )  my consultant has never seen this before.. I will need rads and chemo and possible colostomy as the tumour is so close to my rectum. Not advising full pelvic ext. Yet. Any ladies had a reoccurance?  Can it be cured again?  I'm so scared. Thank you for any help or advice xxx I'm 36 and can't believe all this is happening,  I really thought it was all behind me :( 

So sorry to hear your news. I'm currently awaiting staging so no experience, yet! Just wanted to wish you good luck Sweetheart xx

Hi Debs

I am really, really sorry to hear this. I'm sorry that I cannot answer your question from personal experience but yes, I honestly believe that it can be cured again. Without wishing to upset anyone here but as far as I understand it a metastasis close to the original site is more manageable.

Wishing you all the very best and sending a huge hug


Be lucky



Thanks all for your well wishes xx

Big hugs to you- you got the news we just don't want to hear. I do hope ur treatment goes well. Let's us know, I will look out for ur updates.

good luck xxx love dons

sorry I can't actually answer ur questions

Thanks doms. Had my biopsy and exam under anesthetic today so feeling a bit sluggish. Doc told me she could see it wasnt in my vagina or rectum, so that's good news, it's just grown in the septum in between.  This wasn't caught on regular checks ups as they don't test that area. Very unusual though, so don't want ladies panicking... Trust me to have random tumour!!! Will get my treatment plan next wed. Feeling positive today, so many ups and downs with these disease eh? Good to hear you're doing well xxx

This cancer is toast! Fabulous mantra!

Be lucky :-)