Recurrence or scar tissue at 6 month scan

I had an MRI last week and have found out there is a new area of concern which is 1.5cm :sweat_smile: which wasn’t on my last MRI in July when I was told I had a complete response. I now have to yet again wait for PET and biopsy, consultant said it could be scar tissue but he has to act on anything new. Obviously I am completely freaking out yet again. Has anyone else had this and it turned out to be scar tissue.???

Hey, I can understand your panic. I had nodules in my lungs on my last scan which unfortunately have turned out to be secondaries. The time between the scan and biopsy and results was horrific. Much worse than my current chemo.
It is entirely possible that this is just scar tissue. Keep that uppermost in your mind.
Stay strong and take care of yourself

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