Recurrence or PRD???

It's been a fair while since I posted on the forums.  I have had what I think is UTI after UTI lately and been back and forth to GP as well as visits to hospital.  Antibiotics don't touch this, I've been bleeding as well.  The burning sensation, sickness and general fatigue is really getting too much.  My urine analysis keeps coming back as normal, so what is the pain?  I went to see my CNS nurse who has referred me for an MRI.  It could be a recurrence but it could be PRD.... My bowel is fine, but it's the bladder....Help!  Anyone else in the same boat bladder wise?  How can I stop the pain?  

I've been having pain shortly after my radiotherapy and the pain has kind of subsided it's kind of moved - my pain was like someone was very roughly (to put it politely!) Shoving something into me! I too mentioned it he hospital and had urine samples done and nothing! I now beleive I've got cyctitus which is very common with radiotherapy and bracatherpy and boy does it hurt!! I have a hole in my bladder aswell which makes things so much harder to handle - I also have pain when I wee and omg someone shoot me!! I'm going my doctors Monday (I started radiotherapy in august and finished in august but thought it was the radiotherapy)

I do know that issues with the bladder are very very common with radiotherapy due to where i being blasted I read this from the Dougie mac so it's not false info

I was also told that the treatment lasts for 6 months after it has finished so it's still working for 6 months after.

Maybe you need a diffrent antibiotics? But then again if you'd samples are clear you may just be one of the unlucky ones like me - I have advanced.

Some of my side effects have come back to haunt me such as tiredness, sickness, can't eat and having a issue with my bowl.

I'm in the same boat I'm afraid and so feel your pain.

Massive cuddle from one suffer to another!

Oh! I find a hot water bottle placed in the area sometimes helps but  be careful as it will burn your skin and stay I've got the burns lol! 



Hope you get good results from your MRI. In the meantime,drink apint glass

of warm water with a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in it,taste crap but does the

trick.Then drink,drink,and drink warm water till you are weeing at the same time you are drinking.

flushing through ;-)

Hot water bottle is a must and keep warm in general.That's what works for me so hope it

works for you. Also I find pouring warm water with a couple of drops of lavender oil in it over

my "bits" from top to bottom after each toilet visit soothes the burn.

I feel your pain,but it does pass.

All the best

Take care

Becky x