Recurrence of abnormal cells in less than 1year and a half

Hi, I had CIN3 removed with LLETZ in July 2019 (also HPV Positive), I had a smear 6 months later which showed abnormalities but Colposcopist nurse examined me and said my cervix was still healing from LLETZ which is probably why it showed abnormalities, fast forward to my next smear which was in August this year and showed HPV and abnormal cells again, I had LLETZ and have just been had a letter to say results are CINI, CINII, and ungraded CIN. This is where I am confused, what is ungraded CIN? I know I am going to be discussed in the MDT meeting on 4th November and my nurse will call me after this to let me know what happens next. Hoping someone can give me advice on the ungraded part as not heard of this before?? Thank you x

Hi! I tried to google for you , I hope this will be somehow helpful
A difficult to diagnose and controversial histopathological entity which some authors define as cervical epithelium containing horizontally oriented atypical cells less than four cells in thickness .

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Thank you for this xx