Recurrence? First Pap smear after treatment

Hello - new here

6 months ago I was found to have stage 1a2 cervical cancer on a cone biopsy.

After that I did a very large cone biopsy under GA, in which they took out 2 cones

The first one had some cin 1/2 and the deeper one was all clear.

Due to these resuts they decided that instead of a trachelectomy they would just remove sentinal lymph nodes and that it was enough for now. Lymph nodes came back negative. 

I went to get my first pap smear today in preparation for the 4 month colposcopic follow up, and I had a little bit of bleeding when he swabbed my cervix.

I am now FREAKING out that the cancer is back and that the treatment was not enough.



I can totally understand you worrying about the bleeding and I’m sorry that you are having to deal with it. I have no advice to offer, but really feel for you. 

Could it be due to scar tissue from previous treatment? I can only offer hope that there is a simple explanation, which I am sure there is. Hold onto the fact that they got it out with the first cone and the deeper one was clear so it’s more likely recovery than anything sinister. I am sure it is. How soon is your follow up? Could you ring them and try and get in sooner? 

I cant offer anything other than virtual hugs right now xx



It is not unusual to have a little bit of bleeding after a smear test, as mentioned in the following link:

Hope all goes well for you



Thank you I really appreciate your response.

My appointment should be sometime within the next month - I have contacted my doctor and hes supposed to get back to me.

Im really hoping its scar tissue, or just not fully healed yet. 

Im sure as many on this forum can agree, I think its just that these appointments have so much tension, that any little sign or scare throws you back a bit. 


I hope youre doing well, and i am sending back virutal hugf\s <3

Jazza is right. As gross as it sounds back in Ireland and maybe here in England too some women call it 'the scrape'. The little tool they use to do it is not completely soft as it needs to scrape the cells off, and that can definitely cause bleeding. Ever since I can remember in my years of having pap smears, I have bled at every single one.

I do hope the wait becomes a little less stressful but I know that that wait is often worse than the procedure.