recurrence cin3.

I was wondering if anyone could offer any words of wisdom…
I had a smear about 8 months ago, had a high grade result and was referred to the colposcopy unit. I had LLETZ there and then under local anesthetic and the result confirmed CIN3. They said they would see me again in 6 months at the hospital for a check up…
2 weeks ago I went back to the hospital for a ‘Test for cure’ check up in the colposcopy unit…All appeared well and the consultant said it looks normal. They tested for HPV and I went away waiting for the result …
However, I had a call off my GP Friday to say the result has come back to them first and is showing High grade again she said I will be called back to colposcopy for treatment… I don’t understand why it all ‘looked normal’ at the test for cure,the consultant seemed confident the LLETZ had got it all, nothing visible anyway.
Just to explain, I work for my local hospital so I’d requested to be seen at a neighboring one, with this in mind they offer a ‘see and treat’ service… so when they said it all looks normal the relief was huge as i half expected the opposite.
Now after the GP ringing me I’m blown away and don’t know what to think… I have no more Annual leave with work and will have no choice but to ring in sick to attend any appointments. For now I am waiting for the letter to arrive from the hospital with the next step, I don’t know what to expect? I was so overdue the smear in the first place that i cant help but think somethings wrong, clearly burying my head in the sand isn’t going to work any longer.
If you can relate to this or can offer any words of wisdom please do. Ive got so much info off this site. Its brilliant.
Thanks for reading.

Hi Sarah,

Not sure I can offer any words of wisdom but I didn't want to read and run.

You mention that when you went for your recent colposcopy that the consultant said that all appeared well and it looked normal. Did you have a colposcopy with the vinegar and iodine solutions applied to your cervix or was it just a smear?

If it was just a smear then I guess it would be difficult for the consultant to be confident everything looked normal just by sight, but if you had a colposcopy then I can totally understand how frustrated you are after being told everything looks normal.

When you had LLETZ treatment 8 months ago did they advise you if your margins were clear and the abnormal cells were completely removed? If the margins were NOT clear then it's just possible the CIN III you have now is residual CIN from 8 months ago.

I know it's easier said than done and as I've said I really do understand how annoyed you are after being told everything looks normal, but please try and not stress about this. You'll know more when you attend your colposcopy appointment and if you need more treatment hopefully that's an end to it.

Please update us all and in the meantime take care.

Much love,

Peanut xx


Hi Sarah

sorry to hear you are back here again. Your story so far sounds really similar to mine. I had CIN3 removed last Jan and my test of cure came back CIN3 again in July despite all looking pretty good. I had a second LLETZ under GA in October and it came back as just CIN1. I think sometimes a smear can pick up a few rogue cells and obviously if you have a history of severe changes they take it very seriously. I really had hoped it was all over and done with, and was so upset to be recalled. So I just wanted to send you a big hug, try not to panic and keep faith in the medics! There won't be anything wrong, there may just be some residual cells which are still showing up, and may need to be removed. With regard to your appointments, I would defo not use up precious holiday, you are entitled to sick leave so do take it, taking care of yourself is priority at the moment. I expect you will get your appointment letter through very soon, or if it takes a long time you could call the clinic to find out, there may be delays with Christmas coming up so you might bag a cancellation x x x

Hi Sarah my story is similar to yours 

March 2015 routine smear 6-9mths late results changes to cells referred to colposcopy

april 2015 high grade changes to cervix and vagina CIN 3 could not rule out cc 

may 2015 cone biopsy under Ga as too large an area to do under local , results confirmed cin3 no cc 

november 2015 6 mth follow up at colposcopy smear taken doc said all looked good , results CIN 3 still present really upset at this 2 Lletz booked for Dec this time under local 

Jan 2016 results still show cin3 no clear margins after discussion with doc , going to try another Lletz under Ga again , if not successful for hysterectomy . 

Its such a roller coaster of emotions , waiting on results , examinations trying to remain positive but hard . 

Good luck Anne x