1. 1982 call back on pap.

Colposcopy  My understanding was stage 1 ( doctor asked me why I was crying as it was stage 1 not stage 4)

Cone biopsy Doctor felt I would still be able to bear children but may need sutures during pregnancy 

Clear margins. No further treatment. Regular pap smears since 1982.


2. December 2014 call back on pap.

Required HPV test. Is this just a new fad? 6 weeks for results. 

I have had clear paps every year since 1982. Missed last year.


Hi there :-)

I assume that you mean CIN1 with clear margins in 1982? Usually Stage 1 means stage 1 cancer and you would not have been allowed to walk away with that!

Medical reseach continues apace and a lot has happened in the 32 years following your last call-back. Much more is known about HPV and its relationship with cervical cancer. Not only can cell abnormalities be tested for but so can the virus itself. There is even now a vaccine against the virus. I wouldn't describe these new developments as a 'fad' becasue a 'fad' implies a passing fad which will disappear some time after it has begun. I think these tests are medical advancement that is here to stay.

So, I am sorry that you have a long wait and I'm sorry that it is causing you anxiety, but I wouldn't say that either of the words fad or recurrence apply in this case. (Being a bit of a dictionary pedant here)

Be lucky


Thank you for the reply. It was an extremely volitile period in my life. I had moved 5000kms from home, was young, was also in an abusive relationship. The surgeon was very abrupt and told me not to be so upset it was stage 1 not stage 4 and they had clear margins. He told me I may not be able to carry babies full term due to the new enlarged cervical opening although he did say that sometimes they can add sutures during the pregnanc. (My gyno at home was amazed at the surgery as it was the first he had seen) All he told me after the cone biopsy was that I would need paps every 6 months for a few years. Shortly after that I moved home. My medical records were sent home but I had two family doctors retire/move away. The records have been lost. I may be able to contact the cancer centre where the procedures were done although I am hopeful my doctor will do this so that I don't incur the cost. It certainly was a different time and medical advances, for the most part, are wonderful.

It is crazy how a persons mind wanders in a situation like this. As for the use of the word fad, I meant it in the fashion that for example: for years they removed tonsils, then they decide not to for a few years, then they do it again....etc I just wondered if the HPV was ordered because it is the newest "in thing". So many times I have found over the years that needless medical procedures are done that cause us to worry. 

Thanks for letting me rant and thank you for the reply. It helps keep the nerves down.

Hello again

I'm struggling to understand what you are telling me;

32 years ago when you had your call-back from a pap smear you had stage 1 cancer which was treated simply with a cone biopsy? You were living 5,000km from home in an abusive relationship but now 32 years later you are back home (close to family??) and no longer in an abusive relationship?? Is home Britain??

I would have thought that since 32 years has elapsed, your medical notes from that time aren't essential. As I said in my previous post, I don't believe that HPV tests are 'just a passing fad' I think that they are an advancement that is here to stay, so not at all like whipping out tonsils at the drop of a hat. An HPV test is only a test, not a treatment nor a 'needless medical procedure' so not really anything to be concerned about.

I'm really trying to be helpful here but don't think I'm managing as well as I would like to.

Be lucky


Hello there,

As Tivoli says, we now know much more about what causes cervical cancer so are able to test for the presence of a virus we know we don't want hanging about down there! We are so lucky to live in countries where testing is available. If you look at survival rates around the world, it's a different story in some countries. :(

I hope your results come soon. HPV is not just something else to worry about - it'll help answer the questions over you "questionable PAP". Good luck!

Kirsty xx