Recurrance times

I have been cancer free for 14 years. Unfortunately, I now have a slight discharge and all the anxiety about a recurrance of the cancer has returned. Has anyone been in a similar situation, or can anyone offer some advice.

Hi. The cancer thing is probably going to cause anxiety forever, but remember you are still entitled to have all of the regular gynae issues and it is probably a bit of thrush or bacterial vaginosis which is easily sorted by medication. I had cancer and didn't have abnormal discharge. Good luck, h xxx

What treatment did you have with your CC?  Do you have any others symptoms now?  Itching?  I would suggest it's just an infection, or something.  How long have you had it?

Thank you for your quick and helpful responses.

I had stage 2B with one lymph node affected in 2001. Radiotherapy (internal and external) and chemotherapy- completed in June that year.

Clear since then. I have had the problem for four days.

Hey I am not a doctor but it sounds like you have some sort of infection. Mucus, urine and vagina infection can all discharge. For me, even the slightest thing can drive me crazy! I know exactly how you are feeling :)

Don't panic. Consult your doctor as soon as you can! I am sure it's nothing :)


I just wanted to add how lovely it is to encounter a long-term survivor. Whilst there may be plenty out there in the real world, this is not a place many of you choose to hang out, yet it gives so much comfort to those just starting their journey to know that people like you are out there living your life :-)

Be lucky


Anitac, have you contacted your gp?  I have had so many problems since I finished treatment.  Urine infections, passing blood from back passage and urethra.  The things we go through.  Mine had all been late onset radiation damage.  I have just had a CT scan, and am waiting for the results.  I have been having tests to see if I have bladder or kidney cancer.  Not related to the CC I had, but having cancer once doesn't stop you from having another cancer.

Thank you for replying. I guess survivors try to put the whole treatment nightmare out of our minds when we finish the journey and only start to worry when symptoms return. However, there are a growing number of 10 year plus survivors who like me have a fairly normal life. It is a tough journey but the doctors and nurses are wonderful and the treatments are more and more refined and so more likely to get you through to remission. If it helps you to see that there truly is hope my initial diagnosis was not hopeful but on the 5th June I celebrate my 14th year since my treatment ended. I pray that you too will be saying the same in the future. If I can help at all please let me know.

I'm so sorry to hear you might have to go through the treatment again- but you have beaten it once so you can do it again. I too have radiation proctitis which I control by diet, but, until now, I have been lucky not to encounter too many stumbling blocks. On a positive note my problems seem to be on the mend- I can't thank people enough for there words of wisdom! Sometimes the panic makes you overlook the more mundane (but more probable) causes. Good luck and please keep in touch.