Rectocele post total hysterectomy

Hi guys, post hysterectomy 22 days, doing great, but,
Have a quite severe bowel prolapse, doing all the right things, water, veg, laxatives, but can’t, ‘go’ without manual splinting, so disappointed that I’ve now got another issue to deal with after going through abdominal hysterectomy, any other ladies had this? Id say I’m at stage 2/3 as is protruding into my vaginal entrance, so sorry for over share, discussed before surgery but consultant was reluctant for surgical intervention as I was to young, (52) was not even an issue before surgery,and didn’t impact my life at all, I had this issue for 2 years after my first child 25 years ago after a traumatic and lengthy birth (74 hours) , but resolved itself with another pregnancy, no problems all these years, but have other prolapsed organs due to 8 inch fibroid namely bladder and vagina, now the fibroids gone in worried what the next step is, haven’t been able to be intimate with my partner for 9 months due to cervical issues, hence total hystectomy, now still no end in sight. Any lovely ladies in my boat? And what is your advice
I’m feeling very low x x

Hi Robin, I have HPV and a rectocele was discovered when I had my colposcopy. It’s got much worse and I am awaiting surgery which may involve a hysterectomy. After reading your post I was concerned at the problems you are having since surgery and wondered if there has been any progress. I have been told the waiting list is 12 months.

I have the same after laparoscopic hysterectomy for 1a1 adenocarcinoma
Looking back there were some minor symptoms prior to surgery, and I was very constipated after surgery which seems to have exacerbated it. It is so uncomfortable and unpleasant. I have seen a physio and have some pelvic floor and breathing exercises to do and hoping to be fitted for a cube pessary soon