Rectal bleeding

Hi Ladies,

I’m into my 5th and last full week of treatment !! yippee !! Everything has been pretty much ok so far. I’m just a bit concerned over the last couple of days I’ve had quite a lot of blood in my stools. I’ve had a few problems at times with my bowels but nothing major. Has anyone else had this during treatment? It is also very painful just now when I have to go ?


Hi Claire.  

I finished my 4 weeks of chemoradiation on Friday and I can relate to your bowel issues. It feels like there's something pulling tight across my rectum and I constantly feel a pressure down there but I do have piles too. 

When I do have a bowel movement  (which is a lot of times during the day but not always much coming out) it hurts and stings a bit like childbirth  (not as bad though). I do dread going to the toilet I must admit.

I have been bleeding but it appears to be from the piles. I have been given a hydrocortisone  cream and I am also using sudocreme and baby wipes rather than loo roll.

I'm hoping it won't last too long.

Is that what yours is like?

Hi Philleepa, 


thank you for your reply!  

yeah my symptoms are very similar, i do think i also have a  pile !! My bowels do want to open a lot and nothing comes which is extremely painful and I too dred everytime to the point that I'm afraid to eat!!! I managed to speak to the nurse today at hospital who said that the bleeding is not uncommon at this stage and not to worry too much about it so that has put my mind at ease a bit. Have your symptoms eased any since finishing last week. Did you have brachytherapy ? I have my first one on Friday and I am a little bit nervous!! 

I hope your doing well now that you have completed your treatment ? 


To be honest I don't seem to have had many symptoms.  Just the bowels and tiredness.  I was tired over the weekend but have donereally well today. My legs gave been tired and I've had a bit of hip pain and across my back but nothing too bad. 

I'm using my cream regularly - I'm thinking moisterusing is good in case the skin is stretching???? I'm going to try vaseline .  My lady bit's are a bit itchy too but nothing too bad  oh and a little sharp pain when I have a wee.

I've got 2 sessions of brachytherapy.  10th and 16h feb. Long sessions. Between 14 and 19 hours each time but I think this is the major part of my treatment as I've only had 4 weeks of chemoradiation as opposed to the 5 weeks that most people seem to have. 

I ve heard that brachytherapy is not as bad as you think it's going to be so try not to worry. 

I've also been taking fybogel which has helped soften my stools  - make it easier to cone out. Sorry tmi. I try to eat normally as I think I cut my fibre too quickly and that constipated me. I've had porridge this morning so a bit worried what's to come. You need to eat so that you have something to pass.

Keep us informed how you are doing x 

Hiya, I had really bad issues with going the toilet I would be constipated for 2 weeks then have the urge Togo but couldnt so when I did it felt like I was being ripped open then I would have diarrhoea - not nice!

the radio causes bowl issues too usually diarrhoea and the urge to go my dtomach has now calmed but I do have to rush to the toilet when I get the urge....that's for a wee too. I've found drinking water and fruit juices help also actimel drinks really help - tesco have them on offer a lot so there cheaper but the cheap pro biotic drinks do exactly the same job.

unfortunitly it is one of the rough roads we go through in order to best this xx