Rectal bleeding?!

Hi all, I haven't been diagnosed with cervical cancer but have had on going colposcopies for what seems like forever now, I'm just wondering have any of you had rectal bleeding as a symptom, I know my mind has probably gone into overdrive and fearing they missed something and now it has spread 

Any info gratefully received 


Thanks xxx 

Don’t have an experience howver am waiting on biopsy results and have myself had same issue which I just put down to one of those things, didn’t even think to mention it at my colposcopy

I probably wouldn't have thought about it either but with my next colposcopy looming round the corner I think its making me connect everything too it including the stomach issues I'm having lol but always feel so rushed at the doctors I never get everything out i intend on but I have an appointment tomorrow for an examination so will try ask her if she thinks they could be linked, thanks for your reply 

 Ive been doing the same with things I thought were random. It does make you think. Hope all goes well tomorrow!