Rectal bleeding?!

Ok so haven't posted on here for a while after having cin3 and cgin I went on to year colposcopies last year so with my 1st one being at the end of November! Everything and anything is making me paranoid now so for I get a lot of stomach pain now and have been given 2 different lots of tablets for acid type issues, these tablets don't always take the pain away and although I know that this pain has probably got nothing to do with being on here I can't help but think it maybe a symptom, I also started about 2 months ago with rectal bleeding but was only a tiny bit so I ignored but at my last appointment for my stomach I mentioned it and have an appointment tomorrow for an exam (lucky me) but today when I used the toilet there was a lot of blood with my stool. Now what I'm wondering is has anyone had rectal bleeding with cervical cancer, I'm not even sure if it is possible and drive myself mad searching the internet. Now if I'd never had a problem with my cervix I would not be trying to link these things together. 

Now I know I've waffled and probably not made any sense but any advice gratefully received lol