Hello My eighty year old mother has recently had radiation treatment for cervical cancer she finished the internal treatment on Jan1st but she is still very unwell with severe  soreness in the pelvic area and tiredness, and nausea she also has to go to the toilet very regularly. Is this normal after a month? and is there anything we can do about it? I would very much like some help from those with experience in this area. Thanks.

Hi RM1,

if if you post in post treatment you will get a better response as on that forum it's ladies that have finished treatment. I'm sorry to hear about your mum having trouble post treatment, I'm 18 months past chemo/radiation and unfortunately I am still suffering with side effects. Best advice is to speak to oncologist and they will be able to help, as a result of my treatment I currently have 5 consultants from various side effects.

Sorry posted to quickly. I hope your mum gets some help soon, it does get easier to manage as time goes on. She will just have to find something that works for her. Any questions please feel free to ask.


Hello sweetheart,

Goodness, that is quite an age to be going through all this! I guess she has years ahead of her else they may well not have bothered. Yes, it does take a while to get back to normal after treatment, and very probably that bit longer for a woman of greater age. Certainly at 30 years her junior it took me a while to get past the fatigue and regular toilet visits. Laura is correct, she should discuss this with her oncologist to see if there is anything that can be done to help her through this next phase.

Be lucky :-)


Oh your poor mum! Try and get her replens vaginal moisturiser, I cannot imagine how dry and sore she will be in that department anyway, I am 69 and use it regularly now, as with age wour tissues thin and become dry, never mind getting a hefty dose of radio as well. If your mum can have a daily yakult which will help her bowels when taken regularly. Because your mum is older, her tissues are weaker and thinner than in a younger person, therefore the side effects will be felt more.

However in another 2 to 3 months you will see an improvement, get  her to also be kind to herself, have little daily treats, she has been through the mill, bless her x

You can get Replens on prescription.