Recovery - please share

Hola lovely ladies

I am three months post end of treatment (radiotherapy/chemo/brachytherapy). I have had my MRI & await results.

I am taking it “easy” doing around three days a week in the office but working most days. I am constantly exhausted, physically and mentally and my return to exercise is very slow.

I am doing things again but having to allow recovery/rest days after. Feel like an old lady.

How are you all recovering? I feel sluggish and not sure if I am slower in my recovery or if this is the norm? Or is the norm for me now all together?

I am physically not too scarred, still swollen the consultant said, but MRI should offer a clearer picture. Dilators all ok, HRT seems ok, radiation cystitis gone. Pain still in hips and minor pains in tummy.

Be great to hear from you all.

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Hi Loudavies,

Glad to hear you’re through and things are slowly getting better. You have been pretty committed to go back to work - I’m not surprised that you’re feeling mentally tired as well as physically. I’m a year out and after 6 months I was really starting to feel better, but just under a year out I had COVID - not badly - but it’s knocked my energy back and I’m constantly fatigued again, which is really annoying. A number of ladies get odd pains here and there - it seems to be par from the course. As Shammy, I think, put it - cancer is the gift that keeps giving…. Glad your dilators going okay and the HRT - you and the other young ladies have so much to cope with there. I’m at the other end of the spectrum as I could get my state pension next year but I don’t want to retire - I just would like not to feel so tired! So thinking of you, Loudavies, as I know how it feels. You’ll get there, brave lady! Xx

Hi @Loudavies !

Im 5 months post treatment. I went back to my full 30 hour week at the start of January. Yes im a total lunatic. It was very tough going. My reason to go back was my mental health. I desperately needed my normal. I work in a school as a 1-1 assistant. I missed the child i worked with dreadfully- as well as this 1 of my children goes to the school and I missed seeing her.
In hindsight it was perhaps too soon but im glad I did. I get those aches you speak of. My hips and joints get sore and stiff. Putting this down to menopause. I have put on well over 2 perhaps closer to 3 stone too and that is most definitely not helping either.
So bearing in mind my mental health and menopause I knew I needed to become active again. So ive started walking. I am cheating though because im fortunate enough to have a cleaner come in once a week. She comes on a Friday and by that stage of my week I’m absolutely pooped.
I do have to grit my teeth and tell myself to get on with it sometimes.
Just take things at YOUR pace. Do what feels right, when it feels right for you. Your body will let you know if you need more rest.

Take care - all the best for your results

Thank you all, I feel better after reading your stories. Ultimately the doctors do know best I guess, it’s just so frustrating and I want a short cut to full recovery.

Maybe when I hear I am in the all clear, this may boost me back up as well.

Hi Loudavies,

I am 1.5 years back to work and I can tell you that I was feeling exhausted all the time and without motivation. I realised after some time that it was due to my mental health. The whole treatment took a toll on me mentally. For me it took a couple of months with consulting to feel somehow better. Even now I don’t feel that I am fully back to normal. Just give it some time to work on your mental health. From what you describe it looks normal what you experience. However, if you have concerns it is worth speaking to your consultant.


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Thank you that is a comfort and I will discuss when I go in for results 12/5. Fed up of feeling whipped out all the time x

Hi Loudavies

Might be worth asking for some blood tests to check out the exhaustion. I was found to be Vitamin B12 and vitamin D deficient after my treatment.


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Hi Loudavies,

I was so glad to read your post. I am 2 mths post the same treatments and feel more exhausted now than just after treatments stopped. Your post gave me some insights into symptoms I am also dealing with but neither consultant nor GP have explained, I.e. radiation cystitis and joint aches. I am tested almost fortnightly for UTI and struggle to get into standing position if sitting for more than 5 mins. Your post gave me reassurance that this is part of recovery still, thank you.
Good luck with your MRI results, hoping you will get the all clear and boost mental/physical healing.