Recovery from laparoscopic radical hysterectomy

Hi all,


Firstly, I'd like to thank all of the contributors to this site, I've been obsessively reading your comments for the past eight weeks or so and they've really helped me cope.   I'm 62 and have a grown up family, my heart goes out to all of the younger women suffering from this disease.

I was diagnosed with 1B1 cc on 17th May and am now 4 weeks post surgery.  My cancer is adenocarcinoma, so hadn't shown up on my regular smear tests, and is not hpv related (I don't know if that is a good or bad thing in terms of prognosis).

The worst part of this journey so far for me has been waiting for the op and then waiting for the results.  Two weeks ago I received the best possible news, the consultant was confident that she'd removed all of the cancer and the lymph nodes were negative.  I'm now on 3 monthly check up appointments and although have some negative days, I'm mostly recovering well.  My biggest problem has been a recurring uti which was probably caused by two weeks catheter use.  I've just completed by second batch of antibiotics and am hoping they've worked. On bad days I'm fearful that I have bladder cancer, it is still not behaving normally - but then have to get over myself:)

I'd like to share some of the most useful tips I was given re: recovery.

1.  Drink loads of water, loads, post op.

2.  Drink peppermint tea, it really helps with the bloated/gassy feeling.

3.  Take the "stool softeners" - ask for them if not offered.

4. Take "big knickers" to wear post surgery and wear a nightshirt, pyjamas would be difficult

5.  Walk a little further each day and wear support pants.  I've been wearing Sloggi, light support pants and they've made a huge difference.   Now 4 weeks post op I can walk a couple of miles each day.

6.  Call the specialist nurses whenever you're worried, they are lifesavers and offer brilliant advice.

7.  Keep to a healthy weight, to be overweight increases the risk of recurrent twofold (according to my consultant).

8.  Lie down and sleep, feet elevated, for around an hour each day - resting definitely helps with "swelly belly".


Once again, thank you all for your positive contributions to this site...Linda x







Recovery from laparascopic radical hysterectomy

Hi Linda

This is me exactly!  I was diagnosed with 1B1 adenocarcinoma on 11th June.  I had my radical hysterectomy 2 weeks ago.  I have a catherter in until tomorrow and am just starting my second lot of antibiotics for a uti.  I'm hoping it will clear up once the catheter is out.  I was meant to have my follow up and results today but they're not back from the lab yet so they've moved my appt to next week.  The waiting is difficult, isn't it.  I'm still a bit sore after 2 weeks but hoping to get moving a bit more, I'm bored!  And your tips are everything I would say!

I'm so happy that your results came back clear :-)

One question for you.... How was everything when you had the catheter removed?  I'm really worried that things won't work properly or I will have lost my bladder control.  Should I buy tena lady for the journey home tomorrow?!?


I hope your ongoing recovery goes well


Jo x

Hi Jo,

My first catheter was removed after a week but having spent an entire day trying to pee, I was sent home for a second week with another catheter-a different type with a little tap rather than bag. It was much better! After 2 weeks, I returned to hospital and spent another whole day trying to empty my bladder fully.  Eventually I was sent home catheter free but I'd had to really push hard and couldn't really feel what I was doing.

Now 5 weeks post op I still have cloudy urine and frequent trips to bathroom. I've been given a third antibiotic but am relevant to take it until I've seen my consultant on Thursday.

My recovery has otherwise been great, this is all just a real bore.

Hope your results are good and that you don't wait too long.   I've been using pads for mild urine incontinence from Superdrug, they are cheap and make you feel safe!  (Light green packet).

Good luck tomorrow! x




Reluctant not relevant!



Thanks for that!  I had my catheter removed this morning.  I had to stay 4 hours as my bladder wasn't emptying very well so they wanted me to keep weeing so they could scan again.  It's still not empying fully but they were happy for me to come home and said it could be due to the infection.  I'm just relieved it all works!


Great news, I hope the infection soon clears!


I'm still having a bit of retention BUT the good news is my results came back clear last week!  Nothing in my lymph nodes so no further treatment needed!  Just 3 monthly checks! Laughing


That's great news Jo, we've had pretty much identical diagnoses and treatment.  Good luck with your recovery, I'm now 8 weeks post surgery and really beginning to feel much better.

I'm a little worried.  I had my laparoscopic radical hysterectomy last Tuesday and was sent home on Thursday.  They removed my cathetar earlier that morning and my drain.  The drain wound site was patched up with a sterile dressing and sticky pad things but leaked so thay have me stick on bags.  I was advised the draining should stop within a few days but I'm still leaking lots plus I'm gushing a lot down below today (5 days post op).  Is this normal?