Recovery from first Lletz treatment

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for sharing your experiences on here. Ive had my first lletz treatment on Tuesday and I've had abit of a wobble tonight so reading all this has made me feel reassured that other people are going through it too xx.

I was really emotional with the treatment as I thought I was just going for a check up but they done the procedure there and then so didn't feel very prepared for it, probably a good thing though as I wouldn't of wanted to do it !

I havent had any pains really or any bleeding just discharge but earlier I was driving for 25 mins or so and really needed to go a wee (sorry for too much info) it literally stung so much and it's been hurting ever since on and off.i couldn't stop anywhere so had to drive home as fast as I could. Just wondering if anyone else has had this or has developed a water infection?

Really worried I've done something bad :(

Sorry for the too much info, any advice would be a great help

Thank you xxx

Hello lovely,

Inhad my first lletz treatment to Tuesday as well, I've had to take a few days off sick from work due to the pain and discomfort which I wasn't expected to have to do, I went to work on Wednesday and barely made it through my shift, hoping to go back early next week tho as the pain and discomfort seems to be easing today. I have however been super emotional the past few days and very sorry for myself, no-one warns you about this part!!

I haven't experienced any stinging or anything so I'm not sure what you could be going through but if it continues then maybe call your GP?? 

I've learnt that there is never too much info in posts on here and I think it helps as these are the things that people often are too embarrassed to talk about.

Let us know how you are getting on.


I would ask you GP about it. Also check out the 'Teal Ladies CIn' group on facebook. They have a lot of helpful ladies in that group who can advise you about short term side effects. 

Hey everyone,

Thank you for your help and response,  sorry I didnt get back I forgot my username for my login so couldn't message you back. 

The stinging passed by the next day luckily so just to pre warn you don't hold in a wee for too long as it was very uncomfortable after. That's a shame you had to take time off work, was the cramping like period pains or worse? 

How are you all recovering? Yorklass have you had any more pain or been emotional or has it started to heal now? I've been light headed all day today and had to go home early as I nearly faintee which is strange.

I'm not sure if this is because of the treatment or the heat, called the number on the booklet and they said it wouldn't be but reading some other girls experience on here it seems it could be. Very random as it's come out of no where.

How are you feeling now? Such a coincidence we had it done the same day!

Thank you for your help, makes me feel more normal xx

Hello Lovely,

I ended up taking 5 days off work then a week of light duties (I work as catering crew on board trains so lots of lifting and heaving trolleys to pull around!) The cramping was like period pains but not too bad after 3 days.

I'm still feeling a tad emotional but I just want the results now, got alot of other stressful situations going on so feel overwhelmed alot to be honest.

How are you feeling? I hope the light headiness passed, it could be a number of factors esp with the heat. I'm still spotting slightly which is just doing my head in now and I really want a relaxing bath but not sure when to risk it.

Glad we are all helping each other out. Look after yourself.



Hey :),


Aww I bet that's a hard job to do after, yeah I didn't really have too much cramping but it was more uncomfortable than anything. I do field sales so I'm quite on my feet too, there's no heavy lifting though!

I've been emotional too, your not alone there. I still haven't had my results either, it's helped reading the forums on here because I feel like I'm not on my own and other people go through it but at the same time when you read some of the thing's some poor ladies have had to go through it is quite overwhelming. 

I'm feeling okay now thank you, the light headedness has passed now I don't know what it was to be honest I think it may of been the heat. I can't help but link everything back to the treatment. 

How are you feeling now? Im still spotting too, I'm getting fed up of having to wear towels now lol. I would try and leave it abit longer before you have a bath if you can just incase you get an infection or something.

Nice to speak with you again xx

Hi all,

Hope you don't mind me popping in here just wanted to let you know we have a new blog called 'LLETZ? What to expect afterwards' that you might benefit from.

Best wishes,