Recovery after GA

I know everyone is different but just wondered how long people have taken to get over a general anaesthetic following a procedure.

I had a knife cone biopsy last Wednesday (7th July my 2nd procedure but 1st under GA) and still not feeling myself, I’m constantly feeling tired and exhausted, I haven’t been doing to much but have been working (admin role) but have found that I can’t even do full hours and come around 3pm I can hardly keep my eyes open and need to have a nap, I’m trying to keep the naps short (no more than an hour) as I know if I have too long then it will effect me when I do go to bed.
I do find that I’m struggling to get to sleep of an evening even when I am completely shattered, but did kinda have that issue before all this but this has made it worse but I think some of that is the overthinking and worrying!

If anyone can advise anything they have done that helped, it would be appreciated.