Recovery after CIN3 removal

Hi everyone,


I’m 28, had a colposcopy last Thursday (28th March) and my consultant took 2x biopsies. I had my results back on Thursday this week (4th April) and it found CIN3. I had LLETZ treatment yesterday (5th April day after results) under GA. I now have to wait for the results from pathology about what they found in the tissue, which will take about a week. I am truely terrified that it’s not just going to be CIN3. I have a 15 month old son, I am praying to the universe that that’s all it is and they have got everything out. 


I was quite bad after the GA, couldn’t wake up properly for ages. I had surgery at 4pm and wasn’t able to go home till 9.30pm. 


I feel in no pain at all this morning upon waking up, I just feel ‘hungover’.  What was your recovery like? 


How long did tou bleed? 

How long were you in pain? 

How long till you had sex again? 

Baths? Swimming? 


I was not given any antibiotics is this normal? 

I was given an info sheet about all the above of course but I’d love personal experiences if possible. 


Thanks so much xx

Hi there, I had a similar situation to yours last month. Routine smear, they saw something, thought it was a polyp, took a biopsy, biopsy came back CIN2/3, went for a lletz. I completely understand how you feel about waiting for your results but I thought I'd share with you what my surgeon (who was amazing) said to me. It put me totally at ease and was more helpful than anything I read anywhere. 

It sounds weird but bear with me:

"Imagine your cervix is a bag of sweets. In  the biopsy, I reached in and grabbed a whole handful of sweets and every single one of them was a sherbet lemon. The chances are then, that the sweet bag is a bag of sherbet lemons. However, there is a very, very, very small chance, that in a massive fluke of odds, it's a pick n mix, but for some twisted law of averages reason, I miraculously missed every single other sweet and only got sherbet lemons. What are the chances of that happening? Now multiply the amount of sweets (cells) by thousands- and they were still all sherbet lemons. If the biopsy only found CIN3, it is almost a complete certainty that that is all that is there. But just in case that tiny fluke happened, it would be irresponsible of us not to double check".  

I also had a friend who is a gynaecologist and he said the same thing unofficially, ridiculously slim chance that the lletz result will be different from the biopsy  it's mostly a precaution  try not to worry  

And of course, he was right. In fact, they never even found any CIN2/3 in my lletz pathology, it turns out the actual biopsy removed it all. 

on side effects, I think I got an infection but wasn't totally sure so I started a course of antibiotics just to be safe. Hoping is clears up fast. Meant to be off on a romantic holiday to sri Lanka with the hubby next week. Great timing! X

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