Hi all
Just to let you all know I’m now slowly recovering at home after my surgery on Tuesday a "robotic radical hysterectomy " with lymph node removal.
I’m still very sore but glad to be at home resting.
I was told by my consultant that the op went well and they didn’t find anything unexpected during the op…I’m now waiting on results to find out if further treatment is necessary…I’m again starting to worry about the outcome and am finding it difficult to be positive…I was staged at 1b1 did anyone else have to have further treatment post op?!!
Kelly x

Hi Kelly :-)

Glad to hear that the op went well and that you are recovering at home. It's excellent news that nothing unexpected turned up during the op. Sorry you are feeling sore but this is to be expected. You are also most likely very tired indeed. A radical hysterectomy is a hugely invasive operation and your body will be in shock for a bit while it gets used to the idea. When you are tired and sore it's really quite difficult to be positive, try not to expect too much from yourself and don't beat yourself up.

I think it's fair to say that most people don't have any further treatment after a radical hysterectomy. I did, but I'm in Greece and they do things differently over here. Because I was a 2b, if I had been in UK I would not have had a radical hysterectomy but gone straight into chemo-radiation therapies.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Kelly!

Good to hear you're doing well! And it's good news that nothing unexpected turned up during the operation, it's a good indication I think..

Try to give yourself time to recover mentally too, do you know when you'll get your results?

I think very few ladies go on to have further treatment after the surgery, with that being said of course you're nervous, it's completely normal.

I wish you all lots of luck and hope you'll get your positive results very soon!



Hi Kelly

I was a 1b1 just like you and also had a rad hysterectomy and lymph node removal last month. After my op, my consultant said pretty much the same as yours, that they didnt find anything unexpected.

I got my results ten days ago. It turns out there was no cancer in what they removed. It seems it was all removed by the LLETZ but with no clear margins. There were CIN II and CIN III cell changes in my cervix though. My lymph nodes were all clear so no further treatent required!

I was nervous like you after my op but my CNS said to me that I should take confidence in what the consultant said - that all was as expected. It's highly likely you will have the same outcome so think positive and focus your energy on recovering after your op.


I was also 1B1 and much like Kelly78 there was no cancer in what was removed and clear lymph nodes.  It's highly likely you will be the same.  I think it's pretty uncommon to have it in the lymph nodes at this stage.  All the best with your ongoing recovery. Take care of yourself.

N x

Hi Kelly

I was a 1b1 lady too and had a Radical Hysterectomy with lymph node removal.  Nothing further was found and I didnt need to have any further treatment.  Hope your recovery goes well, take it easy and let others look after you - time to have some tlc!

Big hugs


Glad to hear you are home and recovering, just wanted to wish you well xo

Hi, I was 1b1, there was no spread to lymph nodes but I had radiotherapy as my cancer was small cell adenocarcinoma with lvsi present. I'm currently 2 year NED. Good luck with your results :) .love lea