Hi all, went in on the 25th of November for my pre-op stuff, had radical hysterectomy the next day, 26th Nov. Took ages to come out of the recovery, as I kept going into such a deep sleep & forgot to breathe!! The next day & a bit were good as they topped my epidural up! Come Friday, then the pain kicked in as the epidural was finished, they gave me morphine tablets which didn't work as I thought would! Friday & Saturday were my worst 2 days, but by Sunday was feeling less pain, thank God! Had to have chest x-rays & this method where they put the needle right into your veins at the wrist-this is to check your respiration. I was caught for breath so they wanted to rule out a clot, also had a ultra sound in right leg the next day! All was ok so on the Tuesday my specialist came in & took off the dressing from the wound, he was very happy with the healing & said I could go home! ?He had said that they had removed some lymph nodes on the left side that he wasn't to happy about, & thought I might need further radiation & chemo theraphy! Well the nurse then came to remove my zillion staples- she stoped counting at about 17! I really didn't want to be touched anymore at tihs stage!! Once that was done, my husband came to fetch me & after being home for about 2 hours I got a phone call from the oncologist nurse ho said the histology report was back- THE LYMPH NODES WERE NEGATIVE, GOT THE ALL CLEAR & NO FURTHER TREATMENT WAS NEEDED! Now I'm just trying to get better, still sore- the bruising from the anti-clotting injections are really rough on the right side! There is so much to deal with after when you're recovering, but thank goodness each day gets a little better, with a little less pain everyday!! I had to have a cut from the belly button down to my groin, just so as not to scare anyone, the healing is longer for this type of cut. At least I can concentrate on recovering now! All the best to all who have surgery/chemo or radiation therapy ahead of them, & all those trying to recover! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




well done u, good news!!! Really pleased for u. I hope u continue to heal well.

those anti clotting injections are horrible aren't they? So glad when they stopped!

much love to you xxx dons


So glad that you had good results,and that you can now concentrate on getting better.Take your time and be kind to yourself.

Sounds like you had a tough operation,you have lots of healing to do.

All the very best for a speedy recovery.

Rebecca X

aw im delighted to hear your good news!! just concentrate now on getting better and getting your strength back again! take care x

Very good news…all the best xx