Recovering from recent hysterectomy

I had hysterectomy with uterus, fallopian tubes and two sentinel lymph nodes removed this week. I was lucky to get to the robotic surgery which means I have 5 little scars on my belly, the consultant said the holes measure 8 mm each. One of them is hiding in my belly button, and maybe the remaining 4 won’t even be noticeable once the skin is fully recovered.

I stayed one night in the hospital. All went well with the surgery and I am counting on the information received in both pre-op and post-op consultant meetings where they said that the lymph node removal was just precautionary, and most probably nothing will be found as the doctors’ strongest hypothesis is I had AIS meaning precancer. I’m trying to think this is now the end and I can breathe freely after the operation and the bad cells have been removed. I had a long journey until now because we were trying to spare my fertility until the very last moment and a lot of less radical treatments were tried on me but without success. (I did not ask what would happen if something were to be found in the lymph nodes, I prefer to enjoy the health known to me at this moment.)

The feeling in my body is somewhat strange – the holes from which the robot entered my belly are so small that the afterfeeling isn’t preventing me from doing anything in particular. My body feels theoretically totally functional. Still I’m really careful with my movements in order not to tear the inner wound which is the largest in size (I guess around 3-5 cm guessing from what my consultant showed with her fingers when I asked her). Sometimes it hurts to turn from my back to the side, but at another moment I can sit in a chair for ½ hour without any pain at all. All the movements are slow, but I can bend, squat etc. if I just do it slowly. I use my arms a lot for moving in order to take the pressure out of the core, and if I carry something like a cup of coffee, I take it close to my body rather than holding it within some distance from my body. This way I can carry some things which I thought were not possible when reading other ladies’ stories before my operation.

Anyone else recently operated? How are you feeling mentally and physically?

I am really happy about how the operation went, and I hope I will keep up the good spirits and find joy in my returning strenght and health, and I hope that somehow I won’t get another big down when my body is OK but I start to realize I do not have a uterus, which in my earlier hopes would have carried a child or more, but it did not get there. I’m trying to find hope in having been diagnozed early and having received the best possible care when we decided to proceed with the hysterectomy plan. Also, I asked for councelling in the hospital and got to meet a priest (although I’m not religions) while still in. He came to my room and we had a very good talk which made me feel a little more in peace with what had just happened to my body and all in all the conversation moved me slightly towards being more in terms with where I am now.

Just wanted to share this and would be happy to hear from others as well.


Just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery it sounds like the surgery was an absolute success for you take care

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I’ve had exactly the same as you and recovers well - was a bit disturbed when my new belly button fell off - but all was well with it, just lots of rest and recoup, feeling good after 4 months, but unfortunately I’ve had to have chemotherapy just done 4/6 session, and radiotherapy after, as I’ve been tested for Lynch Syndrome! But staying positive!

Good luck with everything / and don’t worry xx

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Hi Hop1, thank you very much :smiling_face:. I appreciate your reply! You too, take care! :heart:

Hi Caz-22, thanks for writing! What do you mean belly button fell off? :flushed: I’m glad to hear you’re feeling food after 4 months and that you are managing to stay positive. The treatments must be hard but somehow day to day we survive them as we know that they are supposed to do us good. I wish you strength and more courage and positivity :smiley_cat: :heart:

And then, to part two of my recovery story: It appears that complications can happen even after the most precise operations… :thinking:

I was told the operation went real fine, however on my 4th post-op day the recovery stopped and I started to feel weak (clearly worse than the previous day). On the 5th day I had fever and was feeling sore overall, weak and dizzy when standing up. So glad afterwards that I didn’t wait too long before calling the hospital after my thermometer had spotted the fever. To my surprise or relief, I don’t know which, they recommended I come for a check the same day. I went in, and after the check, my destination was not home, but the ward :pensive:. My blood tests had found a strong inflammation which had to be treated with IV antibiotics. I’m still in the ward, this is going surprisingly slowly compared to how quickly they send you home after the operation. But I’ve been taken good care of and my recovery is now going to the right directions since the antibiotics - feeling better every day.

Part 3 of my recovery story: I ended up staying in the hospital for five days because of the complication. After that, the doctors said the infection had slowed down enough to move from IV to oral antibiotics.

Part 4 of my recovery story: The pathology results showed I had adenocarcinoma 1B1. So, not precancer as originally was thought. My consultant told me had they known this pre-op they would have performed a larger operation. At this point, she took a timeout to check with the team incl. the pathologist if I needed some more treatment. In the end, after horrible days of waiting, she said that as the tumor was more of the slower / non-agressive type (gradus I), and with other factors considered, it was enough to have the simple hysterectomy, and I was good to go with no further treatment.