Recovering after cone

Hi all,

Following a cone for CGIN I had earlier this week I've just started taking arnica pillules - these are a homeopathic product and aim to target internal areas which are bruised/swollen. A hot water bottle is also a must!!  I must say I actually feel a little better since taking them. They can be purchased in either boots/holland and Barrett. Worth a shot if like me you feel like you've been smacked in the tummy.

The actual cone wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I wasn't expecting to have an adrenaline injection and it did make me laugh when the nurse 'earthed me' with a big pad on my thigh. I'm so glad it's over and apparently will have the results in two weeks. Eeekk. 

The only thing I am really missing is a hot bubble bath...does anyone know whether you have to wait for the discharge to stop or wait the full 4 weeks as I was advised?  Nothing like relaxing in a big bath...shower just not the same. 


 Hope you feel better soon. 

I'm glad they got you in sooner than January.  

I would wait the 4 weeks due to infection personally.




thank you for your response. I hope you are keeping well.

Im pleased I've had it done sooner rather than later.  There was some up re dates and had another app sent out. 

Fingers crossed that's it now.

Take care x