Recently High Risk HPV Diagnoses


I recently attended a Health Assessment, which is part of my Health Insurance. I was offered a smear test and the unfortunately the test has come back high risk HPV. The sample was reported as being obscured by inflammatory exudates. I have been recommended to have a colposcopy, and have an appointment on 17 August (not sure if they will carry out the colposcopy then or it’s an initial appointment). It’s feels like an age away.

When I got the diagnoses, obviously I when into a bit of a meltdown and my mind has been working overtime. I have also been goggling it, there is a lot of helpfully information (and some scary stuff). Thankfully I found this site because I felt what would help me most is talking to someone who has similar symptoms.

Any help will be gratefully received.

Thank you for reading this.

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Hey! In the same boat as you and my appointment is the 18th. Shall we have a meltdown together?

Good plan! I’m trying to push it to the back of mind for the time being as I know there is nothing I can do. It’s the unknown, the waiting, not knowing what to expect etc. Mind works overtime if you let it.

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