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Hi all

My Journey so far;

i'm 25 years old and recnetly had my first smear by chance, as id gone to the doctors for another reason, seen as id been putting off my smear i thought why not get it done why im here, 2 weeks later i got a phone call to come in and see my GP with reagrds to my smear, panicking i went in the same day and he told me he had found abnormal cells which is not uncommon so thought nothing of it & they referred me to the hospital. They moved really quickly with all appointments i saw a consultant with regards to the smear and he did colposcopy well tried. my cervix was hiding and i was very nervous so he called me back in to put me too sleep, he informed me that my results would come through the post unless it was something more worrying. As you can imagine i was in bits when i got a letter calling me back in. as my consultant was on holiday i had an 11 day wait from reciveing the letter and getting to see him, i rang the hospital asking all sorts of questions and my key worker said to come in and see her the next day to which i did. It was then that she told me i have Cervical Cancer stage 1b2 i dont remember what was said after that came from her lips i was sort of in a daze, i suppose it was shock i just remember saying ok thankyou and leaving. this was on November 11th 2014 since then ive seen my consultant and had an MRI scan which has confirmed that the cancer has not spread from the cervix, which is good news. I have an appointment this thursday (27th Nov 2014) to see a specialist from birmingham the man who is going to preform the trachelectomy (which means i can still have children in the future). Although i feel all is going well and quickly i still can't help but feel shell shocked and saddened that at 25 i have cervical cancer. i'm in a long term relationship but feel worried that this will be all too much for him to handle, although im going to be ok, there will be no physical side to us for w hile and worry that it may push him away. I know this should be the least of my worries but i dont feel i can talk about this with him, does anybody have any advice to put my mind at ease.


K x

Hi Kate,

Really sorry to hear you're having to go through this horrible thing and I know exactly what you mean about the shock. I couldn't take it in either! It sounds like a treatment plan is in place, so that's good.

Regarding your partner, give him a chance to be there for you. If he's the man for you, he's not going to run off just because you're closed for business for a bit! (There are other ways to have fun, after all!) I hope you find a way to talk to him and that he can give you the support and affection you deserve. Thinking of you and sending you hugs.


Kirsty xx

So sorry to hear that Kate. How has your boyfriend taken  it so far? I think that would say a lot about how he will handle it in future.

Whilst I have not been diagnosed with CC, I do share your worry as I'm even concerned about how my long-term bf will handle not "action" for 6 weeks after the LLETZ. He hasn't shown much support so far. He gave me a pretty hard time when I didn't feel like sex for 2 weeks after my last biospy, so I don't have much faith in him. I think it will bring to light a few deeper issues.

As Kirsty said above, give him the chance to support you, tell him how you feel if you can, he may surprise you. If it was the other way round, he may have the same insecurities as you, and would you get fed up with him? I doubt it.

Its still such early days, I'd imagine you are going through every emotion possible. Trust that he'll be there for you, along with other people who love you xxx

Hi Kirsty,

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post, i see you have your treatment planned, i hope all goes well for you.

Yes maybe i'm being a bit paranoid, but its hard to think otherwise at the moment.


K x

So far he has been good, after i had the colposcopy i was out of action for 4 weeks and nothing chnaged but im just worried i wont be up to much for a longer period this time. I hope he proves me wrong but i will have to wait and see.

Thankyou for your kind words


K x

Hi all,

I just wanted to drop by and offer you all my support. There are some really wise words and sound advice above, there's no need for me to add anything at all.

Be lucky, all of you


Good luck with your appointment hon. It IS such a shock, and it may still feel like that for a while after treatment. I actually think it hasn't fully hit me yet and I am expecting o bit of PTSD in the new year!

it sounds to me that your fella is standing up well to the challenge. It is a hard thing for them too, not just because they have to wait! I don't think they're as good as us at talking about feelings; ive had to drag it out of my husband, but I saw how hard it's all been on him when he cried last week after I heard that I didn't need further treatment. He's not normally a crier. 

You are so young to be facing this, I'm sure your fella is in shock a bit. But if nothing changed overe four weeks, then it should be fine for 6 weeks. Why not book a night away, so you  both can have that to look forward to? We don't get romantic weekends away now, but I have booked disney on ice for us as a family and it has given us all a bit of lift, and is reminding us that we will come out the other side of this.

bigs hugs, Mollz xxx

Thankyou so so so much for your kind words, bought a tear to my eye! im glad you have come out the other side and its brilliant that no further treatment is needed. i must say i do have high and low days and sometimes struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel, this forum is full of lovely people that i know understand where im coming from. again THANK YOU. 

K x

Just wanted to say good luck my lady x

All that has gone on has actually made me and hubbie so much stronger after what had been a wobbly patch before it all happened. Have faith, what is meant to be will happen

Much love

Dons xxx