recently diagnosed with stage 1 a.1 cancer Squamous carcinoma

Hi I found myself super depress lately!! I had my cone biopsy 2 weeks ago!!  pathology cameback I had 1.0mm  tumor!!  all margins are clear for any malignancy  but still  have cin 2/3 left right by exterior surface of my cervix but my regular gynocologist  said that during the surgery she cauterized that area pretty well she might've gotten it out  but not 100% sure.. so she refered  me to a gyno/oncologist. I had met with him few days ago!! he now he's  sending me to do PET scan and MRI  to make sure cancer didn't spread anywhere!! if it comes back clear  then no treatment needed he will just watch me closely since I still have cin 2/3 left and may have the green light to have kids. We asked if we can have a baby before he remove my cervix he said we have plenty of time to do that as long as Mri and pet scan comesback clear ??????  Please im just wondering will it be possible for cancer to spread in my lympnodes already? even i Have clear margin?? im anxious my MRI is in 2 weeks! pet scan is pending. Please advice I am so scared! I don't feel pain except lower back because of my post cone surgery!!! 


so I also had 1a1, but Adenocarcinoma (glandular).I had a cone which removed the microscopic tumour. It was 2mmx 3xmm x 3mm. I was sent for an MRI also (no pet) and it came back clear. Waiting for my MRI was the hardest part of all of this for me as it feels like it could change things significantly or give you the reassurance you need! My oncologist said he was "almost 100% certain" my MRI would come back clear as it is microscopic and very early stages. It's great you are having those scans to be super thorough. It's scary but I'm sure it will be fine!

good luck and try to relax (easier said than done ofcourse).