Recently diagnosed with CIN 2 and hpv


I’ve recently had my first smear , I’m 24. 

The results showed I had low grade dyskarosis , and hpv. I got refered for a colcoscopy and ive just got the results. 

theyve said it’s CIN 2 , plus the hpv and it’s actualg high grade and I’ve been referred for a loop excision. 

And now I’m quite worried. I’ve been in a 5 year long relationship so I’m worried how long this hpv has been ignored. 

I first went to the dr 6 years ago complaining of bleeding after sex and at one point I bled for a year and a half none stop and developed Iron deficiency because of it. 

No one took me seriously when I asked for help because i was 19, and now I’m worried it’s been ignored for to long. 


Wat can I expect from the loop? Is it very painful. 


Tnankyou sorry this this is all jumbled. 

Hi There!

I too was diagnosed with Cin 2 after a colposcopy. I had to get a LEEP producure done. For me, it wasn't bad at all. They freeze you for it so you don't feel anything. The freezing needle for me felt like a cramp that only lasted a few seconds, then nothing. The anxiety leading up to it was FAR WORSE than the actual procedure. Afterwards, I experienced little to no pain at all, and minimal spotting off and on for about 1.5 weeks. That was it.

The pathology report from my leep actually came back with CIN 3 but that they got it all. 

I was a nervous wreck so I understand how you're feeling. Just remember, the LEEP is a highly effective procedure. You're going to leave even healthier than you were walking into the procedure with all the abnormal cells out of your body! it's a good thing :)