Recent Lletz ? Infection

Hi All. 


I have recently recieved Lletz for CIN3 (8th Jan), I have felt generally quite well after the procedure. On Monday I had quite bad cramps and thought I had perhaps done to much, Monday night I got out of bed and fresh blood was present (little amount) fresh blood and brown discharge has continued... yesterday I have started to notice a strong smell on my pads. Is this normal?? A change in smell which is quite offensive. 


Many Thanks 

I had lletz procedure about 8 weeks ago.

I as well started to develop that smell

it was so horrible. I could smell it through my clothes. I went back to obgyn and he said he didn’t think was infection. I would totally disagree. Also pieces of what appeared to be Burnt flesh coming out. He told me to buy a douch and poor continence out and fill with mild soap and water. I did that several times it did help. He finally gave me antibiotics because I couldn’t handle the smell. Three days of those all was good.Had another Apt a couple weeks later and OB recommends Hysterectomy . 

Thanks for your reply Barb, the smell seems to be getting worse and a lot more discharge now. I tried to get into my gp yesterday even for telephone appt they had nothing, today everything is still the same and slight discomfort in my left groin I have an appt with a gp tomorrow, will let you know how I get on. 

Have you got CIN3 then Barb and no clear margins is that why they suggest hysterectomy?