Recent HPV diagnosis

Good morning all,

I have recently found out I am HPV positive, I have only told one person and have very little support. As I struggle with Health Anxiety this has been quite difficult and I have not had the best Christmas. I don’t have any abnormal cells which is a plus, but I have been worried about Oral spots caused by HPV and wondered if anyone had any information on this?

I know there is a chance my body could clear this on its own but I do not feel optimistic as I have seen so many stories about persistent HPV. I have been quite depressed lately and dealing with being ashamed about the diagnosis.

Any comments or thoughts are welcome.

Best wishes x


Firstly, Merry Xmas! Try to enjoy this time despite your diagnosis and remain faithful. I got diagnosed with HPV and it was a complete shock. However, I decided not to stay down about it. I did my research and I know it’s common, it CAN go away and there are things we can do to help. I am taking supplements, going for long walks (I can’t do full on exercise yet because I had LLETZ 2 weeks ago), and I made the most of Xmas time seasonal veg like sprouts because nutrition is important but also enjoying homemade smoothies from researched recipes that have antioxidants and vitamin c and whatever I can do to boost my immune system.
I have found that if you focus on getting better, and you commit to doing the work, you can feel empowered. We should not feel negative about it, we are human, we catch things and we have the means to fight them too. Live your life day to day, think of the best outcome in all situations and work on what good can be done to give yourself a fighting chance to heal (read uplifting stories, eat well, sleep well, have fun and laughter). Mindset is important to any journey and having the right attitude towards your future will help you to reach the end goal of being HPV free (it IS possible!)
I have no visible symptoms and if you don’t, try not to think about that. It is good to try and be mindful meaning looking at life based on what is present and not what could come but if you find you are thinking of the future, you may want to think the best! I wanted to give some emotional support.
I had abnormal cells as well as HPV! Found all this out when I got back from hitting an amazing career goal! I have dealt with it in my solitude and carried on but with adjustments. I believe in this method so lets see.
You are NOT alone, regardless if, like me, you are private about it. I got a bit down thinking about future partners but tbh, I’m not going to give myself worries that dont belong to the now. If this happens, they will be approaced about it but for now, my health and happiness is defined by faith and self empowerment (I pray daily and if I feel anxious I breathe or meditate and wow, this helps). I’m grateful for this community and I’m thankful to NHS for my screening and giving me a chance to be here and get help and get well and the same goes to you! We are lucky that we are in good hands, the nurses I have had have been gentle and informative and if you need medical advice, I am sure you’ll be met with the same. You will have your metamorphosis…Take care of your mind and body and fear not, it’s going to be okay! Xx

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Hi darling, they told me that I have hpv and I have no cell change and I have no warts I was very bad crying, going mental about it, but don’t forget damage is done. We need to look forward and what we can do you for ourselves just try to eat healthy if you’re smoking stop smoking if you’re drinking stop drinking drink loads of water and eat loads of fruit in vegetables and take some supplements like AHCC “ Kinoko Platinum AHCC, 750 mg, 60 Vegicaps“ i’m taking this right now, and I’m thinking it’s helping to be honest, and I think that I will spots can be you are overstressed? We’re all gonna push this through I don’t have enough support as well, only my fiance knows this, I haven’t told my parents and I’m not thinking to I felt exactly the same way you felt ashamed of myself, but to be honest, there’s nothing to be ashamed. There is so many people so many of this virus so common don’t be stress be positive take care.

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