Recent diagnosis 1a2 CC

Hi all
Just diagnosed with stage 1a2 CC following hysterectomy which was done for abnormal cells. I’m 53 so before the op they decided to remove ovaries plus cervix. 7 weeks post hysterectomy at my follow up appt, was told my womb was abnormal but no cancer, my ovaries were fine, but they found cancer on my cervix! Told stage 1b2 but then another histopathologist looked at it and said it was stage 1a2. I then had to have PET CT and MRI pelvis and thankfully no LN involvement. I’m now waiting for my oncology appt next week to discuss brachytherapy.

I had my first cystoscopy in Jan followed by two hysteroscopies in Feb/Mar. Biopsy of the wall of my womb showed abnormal cells and polyps so that was when they decided to do hysterectomy. I understand that because my cancer was adenocarcinoma, it was high up, so not seen on cystoscopy/hysteroscopy.

Not liking the idea of this brachytherapy. Had anyone had it recently?

Kath xx

Hi Kath

Just wanted to say hello.

My consultant says I have recurrent vaginal cancer and I will be having MRi, PET Scan and yet another biopsy to confirm this, I hope he is wrong!!!
He says the only option I have now is brachytherapy as we can’t just leave it, which was my suggestion:(

I have been referred to clinical oncology and I am waiting for an appointment.
I too am really not liking the idea of it. I do have lots of question and I am going to write them down as my brain turns to mush as soon as I step through the hospital door.

I hope someone comes along soon to put your mind at ease.

Hope all goes well at your meeting with oncology next week.

best wishes
Jane xx

Thanks Jane
My appt is this Thursday. I’m bricking it to be honest. Im taking my hubby with me because as soon as someone says something I don’t like the sound of, I just shut down. My Consultant has said they are likely to want to do brachytherapy as if the cancer ever recurs in the future, they can keep radiotherapy for then? I will certainly have a list of questions and hopefully can get some reassurance once I have been.
I do hope you get a favourable outcome from your upcoming tests. Its such a stressful time.
Best wishes

Hi kath

From what I have read that first appointment is pretty intense. Telling you all about what it is and how they are going to do it, so taking your hubby along is such a good idea. Not only can they pickup on what has been said but ask questions you might not have thought about.

My consultant always tells you what he thinks after the colposcopy biopsy and all I want to do is run away, get the hell out of the place…I’m a terrible patient! I might have to think about asking my partner to come along to the first appointment, probably make more sense to him than panicking stressed out me :frowning:

I didn’t know they are now letting partners attend appointment, that’s such good news.

Hope all goes well

Best wishes
Jane xx

I’m the same as you. Just want to go hide under a rock somewhere! Definitely need my hubby there. He can process information much better than I can.
I’ll keep you posted.
Kath x

Hi kath

Just wondering how your getting on.

Hope your first meeting went well and not too mind blowing.

Wishing you all the best

Jane xxx

Hi kath

Well I bet you didn’t expect that!!! Sounds like really, really good news.

Such a shame they let you go through all that worry over facing brachytherapy.

I’m so pleased they have come up with a less aggressive plan, you must be so relieved.

I suppose it’s always a balance for the mdt to get the right treatment plan for lots of different scenarios. It does sound like your in good hands with good communication, this must help so much.

I don’t know anything about LN surgery, fingers crossed it’s not too bad.

Hope you don’t have to wait too long for the next step and it will all soon be behind you once and for all.

Wishing you all the very best

Jane xxx

Thanks Jane
How are you getting on? Have you had your oncology appt yet?
Kath xx

Hi kath

No I’m still waiting, had MRI and pet CT last week, mdt today so should hear something soon.

Consultant rang two weeks ago to say radiology would be in touch after pet ct, but everything seems to go at a slow pace. Can’t help thinking they have found something on the pet CT but trying to keep those thoughts under check!!!

I hang on to the thought that if it was more serious, as if 2x3cm invasive disease isn’t bad enough, they would be moving a little quicker.

What is it they say, no news is good news, I hope so :relaxed:

I think left worrying about what could be is the very worst thing. I always end up thinking the worst. For me I try to ignore the whole thing,as do my family, until it crashes down on me when I least expect it, like uncontrollable crying driving to work…and I’m not a pretty cryer !

I’m so,so glad you got good news, it gives me hope.

Sorry for the long winded reply.

Thanks so much for asking.

Take care of yourself
Jane xx

Hi Jane
Hope you’re ok. Have you had your results yet? I’ve got my appt with surgeon tomorrow so starting to get a bit nervous. I’m definitely a glass half empty type of girl just like you!!!
The waiting for results is just the worst. When I was waiting for my PET results I just kept thinking it was going to be really bad. I was playing out all these scenarios out in my head. It was like torture.
Really hope you’ve had good news
Kath x

Hi kath

I get my results on Thursday. Seeing the consultant clinical oncologist, that’s a mouth full, to see what they can offer.

I’m probably over thinking this but the nurse asked if someone was driving me down to the hospital!!! Didn’t think much of that until she rang back and said someone from the bowel, I think she said team, would be getting in touch and she didn’t want me to be surprised…lol!!

My body is acting up even if I tell myself I have to be calm. I’m having stomach ache, bad lower backache and yesterday I kept tripping over my own feet at work and jumped out of my skin anytime someone spoke to me, I looked a right idiot…,I think it’s stress, I hope it’s stress lol. I will be glad when I know where I am at :relaxed:

I do hope the surgeon can get you in nice and quick, then you don’t have to worry too much about having the surgery, followed by quick positive results.

I hope you feel like your on the last part of this journey. Fingers crossed it’s all clear and you can put it all behind you.

I agree with you regarding glass half empty but after going through hysterectomy I thought it was all behind me, as you must have done.
Dr said I would be checked regularly for the next 5 years and I would guess you were told they same. This makes it so hard for us to forget about it. Just having to think about regular colposcopy appointments do NOT fill me with glee😭

I hope your surgery is over and done with quickly and painlessly and the days of glass half full are just round the corner.

Would love to know how you get on.

Wishing you all the very best

Jane xx

So after a long chat with my oncology surgeon, we have decided to not go with LN removal but instead have an early CT scan which is scheduled for early Sept. 5 months post hysterectomy. He said as there is no LVSI there is no reason to think my LNs are involved. The surgery isn’t without complications either i.e swollen legs and he says if my LNs were clear, it would have been an unnecessary procedure. He said if I was his wife he would recommend CT instead of surgery. So I’m going with his recommendation.
Just hope my Sept CT is clear then I should be able to rest easy!
Hope your appt went ok and you e had good news
Take care
Kath xx