Recent colposcopy outcome

Hello! I’m new to this website/forum and looking for advice/reassurance I think...

had my colposcopy today following a smear which resulted in ‘severe abnormalities‘...during my colposcopy the consultant said he thought that my cervix did not look as bad as the smear had suggested...however he said because my abnormal cells are on the edge of my cervix I may need them removed under General anaesthetic if they do come back as severe abnormalitie...he also took 2 biopsies...said I would get the results in 2 weeks which I thought seems fast...he seemed fairly confident my cervix was not as bad as what he thought it was going to be...however I’m still worried about what the biopsy will say...has anyone else experienced anything similar? 

any advice or similar experience shared much appreciated thanks, 


Laura ☺️